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BobbieBAugust 28, 2009

I've been doing mosaics and now want to buy a glass saw, I'm asking if any of our members here have one they like...I've looked at several on line and watched videos of some of them working...The Diamond Laser 3000 XL is one I'm considering now...any ideas? thanks, BobbieB

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Hi and welcome. I can only tell you that I have a Taurus 3 ring saw and I am very pleased with it. I haven't used any other brands so I can't compare.

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Thanks Silvamae, that is one I've been looking at.

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This is the greatest saw I have seen in a while and I have looked at a lot of them This one puts the Tarus ring saw to shame. Take a look and send this gal an email, I am sure she will tell you about ir and do a search for them on google. I did and was quite impressed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Revolution Saw

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Thanks flagtruck, that is an amazing saw, I had seen the video, but it's a huge saw, and I need something smaller and not that expensive... a good hobby saw. That would be great for a large room and if I was into this more, now it's like just once in awhile thing...but do love it..and have only been breaking tile and cutting stained glass with a handheld glass cutter and then using my mosaic glass nippers to cut into little pieces.

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HOW much is this Baby?!!! It looks like a Taurus(Which I have) on steroids!!!lol! I'm In LOVE!!!!

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Me too Jane. I think it is made by the same people. This gal is also the one that did the big exercise ball that I love. I;m not sure how much it is but I will have to hit the lottery to get it. If I could I would have one right now. BUT..I did figure out a good easy way to cut glazed ceramic tile straight without firing up the saw. I used an old wheeled glass cutter and scored my tile like I do glass, then took my tile cutting tool (the one with the little scoring wheel on it that doesn't work) and used the breaking part to make a clean break. Nice even pieces and easy to do.

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Here's a link to order one. I saw the video somewhere, will put a link in if I find it...

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I'm lookin' at $2000 to get one where I live...May have to go and get a job!!!lol!!!

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Oh how I would love one of those...Probably be $3000.00 to get here to Alaska. I sure like the curve cuts it can make. My little saw cuts straight only and I would really like to get crestive....

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I have three saws, the inland 100, not a bad saw but the blades are 50.00 and I have broken three so far, plus it only cuts in one direction so I don't use it anymore. It was also my first one. Then I got a Gryphon Omni-2. This saw will cut in any direction but after 3 years it fell apart on me...........and it seems really noisy to me. Now I have the Taurus 3 ring saw. So far this is my favorite. It's easy to use, cuts any direction and fits nicely on top of my sewing machine cabinet.

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So if the Taurus ring cuts in any direction how is the Revolution? any better? Must be if it costs that much. A saw is on my want list but............ I do have an old rock saw jusr set up. It should cut china and such.

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