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dafreakJune 30, 2006

Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of these windows?

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We have Eagle windows in our beach house. They have been excellent. I guess I would highly recommend them for any house. We were careful to use windows that would withstand hurricane winds and they certainly have-- where,on the other hand, the vinyl siding was blown off during Dennis last year. Too bad the siding wasn't as good as the windows! Pep

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I've specified them and they have worked well. Had a small leak at the bottom of the glass on a lower double-hung sash but Eagle quickly replaced the sash.
They are now owned by Andersen which I hope is a plus.

They will put an aluminum clad sash in a wood frame which allows the use of factory installed trim which is preferable for traditional detailing IMHO.
Lots of colors and good looking muntin choices.
It looks almost as good as a Marvin Ultimate double-hung (if the jamb inserts are used) for less money.

Very few double-hung sizes available (not as bad as Pella ProLine and Andersen 200 but very difficult to design with) Perhaps that will change with the new ownership. With such high end features this window should be marketed as a high-mid level product with at least twice the sizes.
Clad windows need a field applied sub-sill to prevent water intrusion there IMHO but it seems almost all clad nail-fin windows do these days.
The sill of the wood frame inexplicably requires a sill nosing that has to be added by the distributer. This may also have changed.
It was rumored to be rapidly increasing in cost before it was bought by Andersen but that was second hand info. I don't know what the pricing is now.
I don't know of anyone who still sells them and the rep doesn't call every month like he used to.

I wonder if and when when Andersen is going to give this window company the marketing clout it has always needed.

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We've just decided to replace our 40+ windows with Eagle. I am not a window expert by any means, and the idea of getting an installer to do the job made me nervous. But the product seems comparable to the Marvin Ultimate and it cost me less $ to do the job w/Eagle. Also, the Eagle salesperson was willing to brainstorm on other ideas that required different product, so we were satisfied. They're not in yet, as we've only just placed our order.

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I tried to post earlier, but dont think it worked. So I will try this, Can any one fill me in more on the "sub sill" for Eagle aluminum clad double hungs, I have a home built in 1995 that the siding is rotton, as well as the sheeting and the framing at the lower corner of most windows, I have took the sash and plastic slides out of one window and noticed water damage entending about 6 or 8 inches up the side frame, The water seeps through the corner seem and inside the wall. any comments to this would be appreciated, Eagle should take care of in my opinion! Thanks

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I am in the process of choosing Eagle windows to replace my 1950 aluminum windows. I am very impressed w/them. My brother has had them for 3 yrs and is very satisfied with them.
My question - I will be replacing 14 windows - but I also have a large 133" by 64" picture window (two side by side) This window is a triple pane window - originally I was not going to replace this due to cost. Can somebody tell me if I would be foolish to replace the rest of my windows but not my picture window? I hate to replace it because it is triple pane (even though the aluminum on the sides are not energy efficient) The window salesmen have all told me that the largest window will waste the most energy.
Any thoughts? Thank you

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I need to clarify my question - I meant thermal pane and not triple pane. Am I foolish to replace only my smaller windows and not my picture window - the picture window is thermal pane from 50 years ago w/aluminum along the sides and one aluminum strip down the middle of this window.

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jackjack, your problem goes way beyond windows if the siding, sheathing and windows are rotting. To have that kind of water damage shows poor flashing/sealing practices. The windows wouldn't be at fault for that, and the subsill would only mask the real problem.
Mightyanvil - long time no see. Eagle catalogs 97 standard sizes in the equal sash double hung, not to mention cottage and reverse styles. Plus, they price their customs by united inch, so going to a custom size is easy and doesn't come with sticker shock.
Joan2020 - I would price out the big window, and if the budget allows, replace it too. While it won't ruin the savings from the other windows, it could help to save even more.

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Jackjack, I have the same issue and it is the window design. Reference other posting on this site: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/windows/msg1116224017383.html?28155

Please advise if you found a fix otherwise I will go with my idea and also probably convert my screens into exterior storm windows.

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