Undermount sink cutout

jgarzasrJanuary 31, 2008

We are putting in Butcher block counter tops - and the ones we purchased are just the counter, where we have to cut the sink opening. We are installing an undermount - it is a rectangular sink w/ rounded corners. What would be the best way to cut this opening out? We will only get one chance - and can't afford a mistake. I thought about a skill saw to cut the straight part of the cutout, and then jig saw the curves. Or would a Router be a better choice to cut this out? and if so how would I make a jig for this. thanks.

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You definitely don't want to do it all with a router, but you could rough it out with a jigsaw and use a light router cut to clean it up. It would be best to use either a guide bushing or a flush-trimming bit with a bearing to guide the router along a template, which you'd have to make. I'd use a brand-new carbide cutter, and the larger diameter the better.

You could also plunge-cut the straight sections with a circular saw, jigsaw the curves as close as you dare and then clean up those curves with one of those sanding drums you can chuck in an electric drill. This method would require a steady hand, but avoid the risk of tearout.

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Hole saw the corners first. Lay out so as to leave approx. 1/8" material excess to desired finish cutout size. Connect the hole cuts with a skilsaw. Finish the last inch or so with a jigsaw/sawzall. Trim to finished size with a pattern bit in a router. You can screw the template on from the underside. 1/2" diameter bit will be fine. After the cut is perfected with the pattern bit, you can use a round-over bit (or whatever profile you choose) for the edge treatment.

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