Rewiring a Bench Grinder

Dave_BurrowsFebruary 11, 2013


In preparation to paint my bench grinder, I made an image of the electrical wiring because I figured I might not remember how it was wired. Shortly after that, I lost my MB, and replacing it means replacing some other pricey components as well. So, the deal is that for now, I can't access that image, and as I suspected, I don't remember what went where. This image is of the wiring as it has been since I took the switch, and power cord out. Could someone please tell me how this should go back together?

Thanks for your time.



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Who manufactured the grinder? Can you contact them or find some info on the web?

Apparently, the connections are as follows:
- A & B to the switch, it doesn't matter which blade for which.
- D to F
- E to G (D and E are interchangable)
Now the fun part:
C to either E & G (my first choice) or to D & F. If one way doesn't seem to work immediately, try the other way. A couple of seconds with the wrong connection here shouldn't cause any damage.

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Super! Thanks, Randy;

She runs now. C actually went with D, & F. When connected to E, & G, it ran, but the wrong direction, and very slowly. Everything else was exactly right.

This grinder is a Chinese made "King" 6" 3/4 HP Bench Grinder, model #0189-0..

I really appreciate your having taken the time to respond.



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You painted your bench grinder? Even removing the wiring to do so? You must REALLY like your bench grinder, more than me anyway. Sounds like my father. He is retired now and can always find a reason to be fiddling with something in the garage (usually when my mother is at home), even If there isn't really a reason at all.

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I do like my grinder. It drowns out many other sounds, and the hypnotic sparks look groovy. I'm also retired. I bet your father is a cool dude. It's new, came in flat primer gray. I used a candy apple red auto lacquer. Sweet.

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BTW: from the picture, you might want to remove that ground screw and wire and then scrape away the paint underneath. Then reattach.

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