5f5 stripper vs 3M Safest Stripper?

la_koalaJanuary 29, 2009


I need to strip paint from small areas of interior trim. The areas are about 2" by 2" squares.

My dad recommends 5f5. However, he is someone who doesn't worry about volatile vapors. (He's lived a long life and doesn't worry about things like that anymore. :-)

I've read on the Paint forum about 3M Safest Stripper, and there's a place nearby that carries that. I'd have to hunt down where to buy 5f5.

Any strong opinions on using 5f5 over 3M Safest Stripper? How much "volatile vapor" action with the 5f5?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi again,

I did a "5F5" search of the forum and found some postings that say:
"Do not use methyl chloride inside a house if you cannot keep doors and windows open."
"Look for a stripper with NMP instead of methyl chloride to work with less fumes."

So,what does NMP stand for?
So that I can find whether it is in the data sheets. :-)


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D'oh! (Homer Simpson)

I apologize for adding noise to the forum. I did a search on NMP and found the info.

Thanks to all of you who have posted this info to the forum in the past. This was a valuable link:

You are all very cool to share your experiences and advice!

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