WHAT kind of epoxy resin?

critters_momAugust 14, 2009

I have searched for several days now online trying to find an epoxy resin that does NOT turn yellow in sunlight. I must have missread some posts because I thought for sure some of you were using this for ourdoors. Hubby checked around town yesterday and got the impression there's no such product. Maybe I just saw "UV Resistant" and thought I had seen epoxy that wouldn't turn. ???

I'm making a table to use on the deck... lots of sun. It's a wooden table with a "lip" around the sides about one inch deep. I've used glass pieces and thinset to make a scene of shore and water with three (dried) starfish on the 'beach' area. I plan on covering the whole thing with glass to be sure water doesn't sit on it. I'm figuring the resin won't come up to the top... would be lovely if it did... Hubby really resists using thinset for grout if epoxy won't work. He thinks I'll ruin it (although the dried thinset is just the right color and looks like sand to me, anyway).

So... If no epoxy will NOT turn yellow.... He suggested putting sand where the grout would be. I thought perhaps I could stabelize the sand with a spray adheisive. A glass top would be so heavy I think just laying it on top would do so I could lift if off if I needed to clean the back of the glass.

This is my first mosaic adventure. I have gotten a lot of great info and ideas from this forum and I thank you all. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Critter...I clipped this from a post as you see from 2008. She talks about what she uses that does not yellow outside. Hope this is helpful. I think it came from a posting called a gentle nudge or something.

becky_ia on 02.04.2008 at 01:35 am in Stained Glass & Mosaics Forum

I have never used the resin for anything that large. What I used was a two part liquid called "EnviroTex Lite" Pour-On High Gloss Finish. You can get it at Hobby Lobby in the paint section. It costs $9.99 for an 8 oz kit or $25 for a larger kit. One thick coat equals up to 50 coats of varnish.

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Critter maybe this is what you saw, i posted the link below.

it says it "resist yellowing" I've never heard of this type before and it doesn't mention whether it is for outside or not.. course the mention of UV makes you think it might work. I also saw it said you can build it up and make it deeper which is what you wanted.

It'd be the answer to my question -as I've been searching for a couple years for a product just like Enviortex but that can be used outside.

I'm a little confused on why you would want to use resin if you are putting glass over the top. Enviortex etc pours on and makes a glass like coating.

Lots of people on this group use thinset as both an adhesive and as a grout,it really works for outside mosaics. I'm not sure what epoxy resin and grout would have in common but maybe I missed part of the question.

you know it could be the term" epoxy ", it seems to be used in several ways. Some people use epoxy resin or putty when they are talking about the moldable material that you mix together and use as an adhesive in plumbing and other jobs around the house

Here is a link that might be useful: epoxy resin

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Dear Becky and Mermaid.. Thanks for your reply!

Becky.. there's no Hobby Lobby here (I only wish!) but I Googled that product and came up with a number of places I can order online. It looks good! I'll check with hubby before I order it but it seems to be what I want. I hate going from store to store shopping. Hubby looked in three stores yesterday for epoxy resin (ER)and all sales people said ER would turn yellow but no one had any suggestions for him on what else to use.

Mermaid.. I guess what I'm thinking is I wanted the glass to be "imbedded" in something and originally I'd planned on just filling up to the top of the lip with resin. I had bought the ER at Ben Franklin and $80 only bought me enough to come up half way up! I wasn't going to spend $160 for a second hand table top that would only hold my coffee cup and hubby's beer bottle so was trying to think how else to go about it. Thought putting glass on the top edge of the table (after using the ER I had) would protect it from gathering water after a rain and make for a smooth surface, so that started the glass top idea. Thought I should have SOMETHING holding the glass pieces down besides just the thinset under it...

I started Googling for other epoxy sources and found that BF was way more expensive then what was sold at the hardward store here. That's when I started reading about ER turning yellow in the sunlight. Thank goodness I saw THAT! As noted I was "sure" I had read some of you used something like ER outside but couldn't find what brand you used.. knew you wouldn't use anything that didn't stay clear.

With this "EnviroTex Lite" I can go ahead, pour to the top and won't need the glass. Whew... well, I may find I CAN'T pour to the top.. have to research more about what depth I can use this to.. but regardless I'll have my pieces secured. =) It says "two or more coats maybe applied one over the other by simply wiping the surface with a clean cloth and alcohol prior to recoating" but regardless I'll have my pieces secured. =)

I know this probably sounds whacky to you guys that have been doing this. =)

When I finish I'd like to post a picture. I notice the pictures on here all seem to be from "Photobucket" (never heard of that before). Can I use "Webshots" on this forum?

Thanks again for your help.. I "lived" on Garden Web a few years ago when I first started gardening. It was wonderful!

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WHEN will I learn to quit jumping ahead...


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envirotex lite is NOT for exterior,, not only will it turn yellow, it will also soften in direct sunlight and get sticky again. maybe you can use one of those marine polyurethanes,, stuff they use on boats.. i havent tried that but must work if they use it on boats,, just put on a few coats,, or email a boat place for a suggestion.....i have done the envirotex lite,,and speak from experience on that one

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Hi Kraftkrazy.. thanks for your reply!

Even the marine type epoxy say they will turn yellow over time. I wrote "FiberglassSite" yesterday. Today they sent me a link to:
http://liquidglasscoating.com/?gclid=CIyIyP3SjJsCFZpM5QodM0k8oQ (says they have no connection to them)

A good looking product but again.... one to be used for interior works. Boy, I'm set to go when I DO something for inside the house... =)

I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet on this one. I think I'll take some very thin thinset and gently just pour a bit on in between my pieces of glass and brush a bit with a narrow art brush and cover the top with glass.

I 'was positive' that marine epoxy resin was what I had seen that was UV resistant but although I Googled that as many ways as I could think of I could not find one that said it absolutely would not yellow outside.

Knowing me, I will Google yet a few more times and look at a few more products before giving up. If I DO find anything you can bet you guys will know about it.

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