pricing on marvin real divided light (not SDL)

solieJune 12, 2006

My contractor told me that the authentic divided light windows would be 2x the price of the SDL for double hung wood Marvin windows.

I was thinking the price difference wouldn't be THAT much, because we are doing two over one, so it would be only one muntin. But perhaps the whole window construction is different? Why is the price difference so great? I'm wondering if perhaps he priced out the wrong windows (like maybe six over six).

The reason I'm interesting in the ADL is because they come with a thicker muntin and would suit the house better.

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Double pane ADL is expensive but since you pay by the muntin it shouldn't be that expensive. They are available on Marvin's wood windows but not on their aluminum-clad wood windows.

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True Divided Light (TDL) is quite expensive compared to a Simulated Divided Light (SDL). The SDL unit requires only one piece of glass. The TDL requires single pieces depending on the grid pattern. So the cost of the glass goes up along with the cost of muntin bars in each sash. Now you have more labor time in each sash to add onto that. This also gives the window more places to fail from air infiltration. You could always ask the contractor to re-work his quote to make sure he didn't make an error. Good Luck!!!

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Marvin was already offering a double-pane "Authentic Divided Lite (ADL)" even before they started offering a Simulated Divided Lite (SDL). Back then they also offered a single-pane ADL with a one-piece glass "energy panel" that clipped over the outside of the sash. When you order single glazing these days from Marvin it still comes with a sash rabbeted for the energy panel so it might be possible to add the energy panel if they still make it.

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just put several in my kitchen -

After seeing pricing on true divided then seeing the SDL I went with the SDL with energy panel -

Rest of home has lovely double hung 75 yr old wood single paned windows

One word of caution w/Marvin is when you are looking at the sizing & options be careful as I noted (very difficult to do because the catalog pics are so small) the panes get horizontal or squatty - I went with vertical panes -

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Marvin will make ADL or SDL with muntins in any configuration you indicate in the order, there is no standard configuration. The catalog diagrams are for removable snap-in grilles which are not custom ordered. You pay for each ADL or SDL muntin whatever the configuration.

I don't know what SDL with energy panel is. I've only seen an energy panel on ADL single glazing.

Of course Marvin will make almost anything you can draw, even with old fashioned sash weights in box framed jambs.

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See pg 70 in Marvin catalog
discuss options single glazing, single glaze w/removal energy panel, insulating glass, insul w/lowE
ADL, SDL, grilles, grilles between glass

Page 78, 79 gives the options on Wood Ultimate double hung

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For our new home, we opted for the marvin wood ultimate, single pane, 2 0ver 2, TDL, with storm & screen inserts. Our Marvin rep advised us to go with single pane over double pane to cut down on condensation build-up; and we saw some savings in doing so. Marvin also has a signature series which is gorgeous, but out of our pricerange.
For what its worth, we looked at everything, and for our application, Marvin offered us the closest thing to a custom window. Our architect and builder both discouraged us from even looking at Anderson or Pella based on their past experiences. Weathershield had a good product, but it was more $ than Marvin.

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"Our Marvin rep advised us to go with single pane over double pane to cut down on condensation build-up"

Interesting but it makes no sense to me.

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Marvin's signature series isnt any better quality than their ultimate. It's their "do anything you can draw up" custom window side built to their ultimate standards (or anything you want). It's expensive not because of the "quality" but because it's pure custom.

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We just installed 14 Marvin "Integrity" series Low E, Argon gas, double hung 6/0 SDL windows with pebble gray exterior and unpainted wood interior(which we painted). We chose not to go with a "replacement" window because they look like replacement windows. The Marvins are so, so nice. I wish that when we had first installed, there were Marvin distributors in our area. We went with the pebble gray exterior because they are installed in our loft apartment in a gray, hip roof barn. Again, they installed beautifully and look great!

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Did you buy from a distributor or dealer?

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