need help deciding glass replacement vs unit replacement

clickclickJune 15, 2007

Our home has 24 year old Milgard windows. Unfortunately, they are fogging up, and were also installed before Milgard's lifetime warranty. We're trying to figure out if it is better to just replace the glass and not hassle with the entire unit, or upgrade. One reason I'm hesitate to tear everything out is that these are aluminum bronze frames, and they "look" right for the style and color of the house. If we get vinyl, everything will have to change. Has anyone made a decision one way or another and then wished they had done it the other way? And are there any residual problems that cropped up? I'm thinking needing to redo window sills (ours are ceramic), blinds that don't fit anymore (HD Silhoutte), etc. It seems like one "little" project always leads to many, many more just to get the first project right. Thanks a lot.

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The glass will be alot cheaper then replacing the windows. You could have a local company make up and install the glass. Just get one with a decent warranty.

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Ron, It sounds from your posting that I don't have to replace the panes with the same brand of glass (Milgard). I guess I just thought that the glass thickness and whatever else would be different for each brand. I didn't know there were other options. What do you feel is a decent warranty for double pane replacements? Your idea of using a local glass shop sounds great. Thank you.

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Call around and see what's available in your area. Call Milgard and see what they charge and what their warranty is. This project is all relative to availability , quality and pricepoint. Do the research on the options you have and make a choice.
A landscaper broke one of my MIL's Andersen casement windows. He had a local glass guy come in and repair it. It's been in for 9 years with no problems.

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