stepping stone grouted-looks dull-I need help

terikat_momAugust 29, 2008

So, I grouted my stepping stone and it looks so dull. The square tiles around the edge are still pretty shiny though. I liked it better before it was grouted. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's not as shiny as it was before. Is there something I can put on the tiles to make them shiny again? I was thinking the grout is not quite right either, but if I darken it the grapes might not show up. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!!

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Some of us use a vinegar wash to take the haze off the tiles...hope that helps!

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You could also try using a gloss sealer on it to shine it up.

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Thank you! I knew you guys would know what to do-and such a quick response!!!!

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I was suprised the first couple of times that I grouted, too. I find the clean up tedious, but well worth it. Doing an alcohol wash, a vinegar rinse and sealing with glossy grout sealer really makes a difference!

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