In search of Trestle Table Base (for my Walnut Top)

10KDiamondJanuary 23, 2011

I have a gorgeous Walnut Table top that I am getting from a local lumber supplier to match the new walnut bar. Now I need a base for the top and can't seem to find one anywhere! I've searched and sleuthed on line and otherwise, but can't seem to track any down (other than restaurant/cafeteria types). I prefer a trestle wood base, but would be open to a rustic metal one as well.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Not that hard to make.

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brickeyee - I know it would not be that hard to make, but I am not a woodworker & was hoping that someone on this forum could street me in a direction to surce it. Sorry, I should have been clearer....

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Try craigslist.

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I have not looked for a trestle base, but Adams wood products might have one.

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Any woodworker with a garage shop could fabricate one for you.

Where do you live?

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I live in Colorado. Have tried Craigslist, no help......Woodworker from a shop quoted me $600!!!!

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I'm in a similar position, but I have a pedestal and need a round table top. I've been scouting craigslist for a pine or mahogany top to attach to my pedestal. I hope to find a pedestal table, discard the pedestal and attach the top to mine. I plan to paint the pedestal and stain the top, so I don't have to match the wood species. If you're looking for a walnut trestle, that would probably be too specific to find on craigslist.

This company in Maine makes a variety of trestles, but they're pretty pricey...

Here is a link that might be useful: Trestle tables

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Given that $600 seems expensive to you, what is your budget for this like? Even though a trestle base is generally simple to build, it takes time. The maker has got to meet you, measure the top, work out a design, get you to agree on that design (possibly requiring changes to that design), buy the lumber, do a bunch of different machining operations, maybe a little hand work on the joinery, sand/scrape everything smooth, glue up some assemblies, apply finish, deliver and install the top. The materials are not free, and the labor won't happen in an afternoon.

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"Woodworker from a shop quoted me $600!!!!"

Walnut is expensive wood, especially in thicker pieces and high grades for furniture.

Large furniture factories use lower grade wood (more defects) then cut out defects and glue up to create wide pieces to keep costs down.

A Hinckel-Harris cherry table might have the entire top made from pieces less than 3 inches wide.

When done well you really have to look to find the grain mismatches from the narrow pieces.

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