forgot to take a picture of old wiring

bayflyerFebruary 3, 2013

I know this is probably an easy fix but I do need help. I am remodeling a room which involved taking down a wall.
In that wall were two single pole switches getting power from an outlet on an adjacent wall which is still the case in the new setup.
Within the new 2 gang box along with the switches is 14-2 with ground and a 14-3 with ground cable which goes to the first ceiling light
where it terminates and 14-2 with ground continues to the second light operated by switch 2.

Add'l info: the wiring at the first light is as follows. the 2 blacks are wire nutted. the 2 whites have a pigtail which goes to the fixture and
the red goes to the fixture. the black and white go to fixture #2.

Ok, finally here's the question. How do i hook up the switches? If I had only taken a photo I would be fine but of course i did not.

Thanks for reading,


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I'm a handyman, not an electrician, so take this with a couple grains of salt.

Basically, 14-2 has to supply power (black wire) to both switches, with the other side of the switch getting connected to red (switch #1), and black (switch #2). The neutrals (white) are twisted together with lineman pliers (several revolutions), wire-nutted, and tucked in the double box. Twist the grounds together (lineman pliers) and ground the switches.

I'm probably missing some details, but that's the general gist of it. Await confirmation from a reliable second-opinion before you proceed.

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Thanks for the reply. I think you a correct but i think there needs to be some pigtailed hot wires.
Hopefully someone that has encountered this will help out.


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problem has been resolved. Thanks homebound for the help.

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