3M Prestige Window Film

kcaustin68June 11, 2010

Has anyone tried this new product? It is a window film that is clear, yet blocks most of the UV rays and also a substantial amount of heat in your home. It is also nonreflective so you can actually see outside rather than your own reflection.

I got an estimate yesterday, and at about $10 a sf installed it is a pricey investment. However, it may be worth it if it reduces temperatures and fading of furnishings.

Thoughts and/or experiences???

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Window films are nothing new. They have been around for years. They work well in very hot climates when a window gets direct exposure from the sun. They do nothing for heat conduction which means after the sun goes down or keeping the heat in your house in winter. In fact they may cause higher heating bills in winter due to loss of solar heat. They also have a reputation for peeling after a few years.

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I used this product on my home last year. The window seal failed within 6 months. I would never use another window film again and am kicking myself I did in the first place.

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I used window film in California years ago and put it on my home in Virginia. I thought it was more beneficial in California where the heat was moderate (75 -80). In VA, our summer temps are regularly 90 to 95 degrees. The windows just bake in that heat. The film actually absorbs the heat but doesn't prevent it from entering the room. The air next to the window film is very hot. In my opinion, it is a good product to cut the UV. For heat control, I think it actually absorbs the heat making the window hotter than without the film. It is beneficial in transom windows that are very high and difficult to add a window shade. In a hot climate, I think the Low E glass is the best solution. My next best solution is solar shades or at least a pleated shade that stays closed during the heat of the day.

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I did some research on films. Some brands (not 3M Prestige) have metal particles embedded in the film and can interfere with wireless device use such as cell phones. As another poster mentioned, the film can make windows hot and I learned that it can invalidate double pane window warrantees because the seals fail. I am looking at other solutions to prevent sunlight from damaging furniture through a slider and preserve the Lake Michigan view from my new condo.

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My house is 18 years old,5 miles from the beach and faces south. Should I consider replacing the windows with insulated ones, add 3M to the existing ones or add hurricane shutters only for high wind protection? Retired and need to get the most bang for the buck.

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Depends on what you hope to accomplish.

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I guess what I want to accomplish is to increase wind resistance and at the same time reduce the thermal intrusion, along with saving energy.

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I'd start looking for new windows.

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