Provia French Doors Quotes

goddiJune 17, 2009

I have talked to 3 door installers for installing Provia French doors (steel, exterior grids, 2-tone, basic hardware).

I am surprised by the range in the quotes.

Contractor #1 - $5,665.

Contractor #2 - $5,454.

Contractor #3 - $4,000.

All three are well established companies in my area. All quotes are for the exact same models. I want to go with the $4,000 quote but I just wonder how can they be so much less than the other 2.

Any thoughts... Thanks...Gary

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You need to look at what each installers install includes, how the opening is prepped, vycor weather barrier wrapped opening, metal pan under the door, carting away the previous door and construction debris,etc.

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Yep...all are doing the same installation procedures. I just can't see what could make up the $1,400+ difference, but I like it. All are replacing the wood frame and capping the outside wood frame. Just curious how there could be such a difference.

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Wow, I just found the same thing, $1400 difference from companies that have been working in the area 15-20 years selling Provia. Two are some kind of platinum or something dealers that work direct with provia, and one, that has been in business the longest, is owned by a Korean gentleman that goes through a distributor. He is $1400 less than the other two...I just cannot understand it...they all claim the same 460 custom french doors (we have strange opening, 59.5 inches) steel or fiberglass (for an upcharge).

Anyway, I cannot understand the difference, for steel, $4400 to $6000.

I do not have Angie's list, but all claim to be highly rated on Angie's list.

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