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dpusaJune 12, 2013


Well, as many of you know we built a house but found the noise coming through the windows (builders grade) too much as we dont live that far from an interstate. I wanted to share my experiences as I gained so much intell from folks here but also never found an answer prior to my spend.

We ended up getting exterior storm windows with 1/8 inch non laminated glass and have about a 2 inches gap between those and the existing windows. WOW! What a change in sound... in the room we installed it in as a trial run we cant now here the exterior interstate traffic at all or very very rarely. We had the Provia aluminium storms installed and it worked out at about $200 per window installed (ours are about 40 inches wide and about 80 inches high). It was a fraction of the SoundProof windows company that wanted $700 and another local company that wanted a similar amount.

Anyway, thought I would share my experience.

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Sounds great!
I don't recall the details if you had a previous topic on this subject, but what type of windows do you have installed as the prime units? If they have a low-e coating on the glass, you are going to need to vent those storms in the warmer months to prevent excessive heat build up. Unfortunately that will pretty much negate the improvement in sound transmission.
Additionally, you will want to check on the warranty of your prime units, as for some manufacturers the installation of a storm unit will void the warranty automatically.
Don't mean to rain on your parade, hopefully your situation differs from those circumstances. Just thought that I would throw that out there before you invest in a house full of storms and end up with other problems.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Great follow up.

Airspace - Mass - Thickness = Better STC

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Homeseal - thanks for the information. Truly appreciate it... I do not know the answer to your question so a good follow up for me. They do have little vents in them but I assume this is for moisture run off. For the warranty side, I think the prime windows are honestly of such mediocre quality not sure it matters but time will tell.

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