masonite palazzo interior door - hollow or solid?

confused_newbieJanuary 24, 2007

hi all,

i went to home depot today to look for an interior door for my bathroom, and i wanted a solid core MDF. i like the designs of the masonite palazzo doors, but i was told by the home depot guy that it is hollow cored. it does feel solid though. on the label it doesn't say whether it is solid or hollow cored, and i couldn't find an answer from the masonite site. the home depot guy didn't seem to know what he is doing, that's why i am asking here :) thanks!

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The Masonite doors are available in their "Safe and Sound" series which are filled Masonite doors. It's some sort of a particle board filling so it's not as heavy as solid MDF but much heftier than a hollow door. Look around the millwork desk at HD there's probably a pamplet or two describing the Masonite line.

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thanks - i looked around and you are right, they do have the safe n sound doors which are somewhat like solid core. the thing i am confused about is, the masonite solid core costs exactly as much as the safe n sound, so which one is better? if the safe n sound is in between solid and hollow, why should i spend just as much on a safe n sound vs a solid core? their website and pamplets aren't very informative...

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Solid core doors are just solid thru and thru, safe n sound are solid, fire rated and sound proof. Fire rated from 20 mins up to 60 mins, giving you time to exit if there is a fire. Solid core doors donot block the noise from coming thru.

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