Increasing the Security of Vinyl Windows

chipster_2007June 2, 2013

I am not sure if this is the right forum for this question but... is there anyway of increasing the security on a vinyl window besides the vent lock. It seems a rather flimsy device and since I am located on the first floor of a big city, I would like to decrease the likelihood of someone being able to break in through these windows. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Laminated glass.

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Best thing you can do on the cost effective side would be to apply some sort of noise emitting device and some security switches and stickers.

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Sorry, but I am more concerned with the lifting of the window and an intruder getting in, not broken glass. Should have been more specific. Is there an type of modification I can make to the window, window frame that would deter this? Stickers and motion sensor are a decent start. Thanks

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You might look into a barrel bolt type set up. I have seen them designed for you situation as well and will look for the link shortly.

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You could add window locks on your windows if you want to increase security. If you want to take the security of your windows a notch higher, install window frosting on them. It will prevent people outside from viewing whatâÂÂs inside your home.

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