finished and grouted

flagtruckAugust 31, 2008

Here it is with Vanilla Cream grout. Kinda blah but I can live with it. I was going to do a terra cotta wash over it, but will have to see. Too many other ideas to spend any more time on this one other than insert the wire for hanging thru some holes I left open in the neck. (That shouldn't take more than an hour or two to hit the

Now onward and upward...moved the purple pot to grout it this am and knocked a piece off at the bottom edge, so had to mix thinset and readhere. Now waiting for it to dry so I did 3 more edgers while waiting and have to go to WalMart and get some groceries.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gourd done

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Carol!!! Soo gorgeous! And all your other gourds..WoW!! You are a busy little bee!!! Hope that foot isn't bothering you too badly! Jane

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I love it! I wouldn't change a thing! Frustrating about the purple pot, but I know from experience that thinset can be a miracle worker! My, you do have some projects lined up! But then what will you do next week? LOL!

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Next week I will think up some more while I do
Jane - the toe is a bugger and black and blue. I am having trouble putting weight on it,I will perservere and bring one of te blue pots in and work on it inside.
I imagine the purple pot is calling me again, I will go do it this afternoon. I am dying to start on the other big gourds, so might work on the blue and the gourds at the same

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It was hard to imagine the cream grout, but it turned out fabulous. Job well done. I need some of your busy bees lol. With the stash I just got I'd better move. Have 12 bowling b's lined up and ready to go.

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Flag, I wouldn't change a thing, its fantastic. It reminds me of some work of art found from thousands of years ago by some ancient indian group precise, colorful, and what everyone would die to have .

Beautiful, you are really a dynamo even with that poor toe.

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I would not chang it eather It looks great .I love it.

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I really love this piece! And it is NOT blah. It's gorgeous.

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Just AMAZED! This is a gallery piece of art! wow!!!!! I love this. It's in my file of inspiration. Your work is
so inspiring. I love to watch you work!

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Fantastic Carol,you're cranking out beautys fast as Slow,I may need to move up by you girls to get some juices flowing,I haven't done anything in ages...this gourd is wonderful !

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This is perfect just the way it is, I really like the light grout. And I love your design and tiles! I could never make circles like those, they're really good, tight circles. I know you told us about keystoning, but adjusting the angles based on the size of the circle...that's where I get lost when I experiment with it. Great piece, simply beautiful!

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Flag that came out awesome. That is so pretty. Love the colors of it.

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So beautiful. I sent the last photo of it you posted out to part of our school faculty. They loved it. I'll be sure they see the finished product!

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