Thanks for all the advice!

darfawndaJuly 12, 2010

Well, my fiance and I have decided to call off our engagement and part ways amicably so it looks like I won't be a SM after all. Quite honestly I'm pretty relieved to be relinquishing the step parent role.

I wanted to reach out to the forum though and thank all of you that provided honest feedback rather than sugar coating the realities of living in a blended family. Through all of the difficult thoughts and feelings I have struggled with over the past year and a half, I have felt so grateful to have found a group of people out there that has been through it too and is willing to share.

Having previously been in serious relationships where children (current or future) were not a consideration, I realized the unique and difficult challenges that come with kids - especially when they aren't yours! I'm hoping to perhaps someday find that perfect guy with no kids so I can stay away from this forum. :)

Thanks so much for all of the help everyone and best of luck in all of your families.

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I wish you the very best!

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I'm glad that you are wise enough to call off the engagement before the wedding! Too many people see warning flags that the relationship will not be right for them and go through with the wedding anyway - and then wish they hadn't.

I hope you find the perfect guy too!

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