Powering a gas fired range

doc8404February 3, 2012

Hey guys, I am pulling out an electric cooktop and replacing it with a gas fired range.

I know my two small appliance kitchen circuits can not normally be legally used for other purposes but, isn't there an exception somewhere in the NEC to legally power this new range from one of those circuits since it uses power for lighting only?

The specs for the range call for a 115V 15A feed.


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Ron Natalie

Yes, it's fine:

Exception No. 2: Receptacles installed to provide power for supplemental equipment and lighting on gas-fired ranges, ovens, or counter-mounted cooking units.

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BTW: the power is also most likely used for the ignitors.

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Ron Natalie

Actually in many cooktops these days it's more than that. The amount of wiring in my professional series is staggering. It not only lights the burners but it cuts off the igniters when the burners are lit, cuts off the gas if the burners don't light, and cycle two of the burners on and off to bet an extra low simmer.

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