Show me your glass shop space!

Mags438August 11, 2014

Hi all, I'm getting back into glass. Packed up my shop for a while and now I am interested in unpacking and putting everything into a dreary and ugly basement space.

Pls show me your space! Pics? Besides the overall space/layout, I'm also interested in how you've corralled all the glass, mosaics, stepping stones, fusing items, etc etc. Innovative and 'cost next to nothing' ideas certainly welcome! (The less I spend on the setup, the more I can spend on supplies)

Anxiously awaiting, TIA!


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I did a blog post on my garden blog that is a tour of my workshop. Below is the link.

I don't think there's a square inch of my workshop that doesn't have a shelf or cubby for putting something. Of course, I've spilled a lot of the larger things out to the side where I keep bricks, stepping stones, and other items I plan to mosaic some day.

I keep my tile in Louis Rich Turkey containers. They are plastic (I live in earthquake country), they stack, and though they cost about $3.00 each, you get free turkey with every purchase, LOL

I am just now starting to do more mosaics with stained glass instead of tiles, and I confess that I've yet to figure out how to organize the larger pieces. I've currently got them in a couple boxes that I have to sift through. I'd be curious to see what others do with theirs. I've seen the larger wooden "cubbies" people make for stained glass, but I don't really have room for that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loribees Garden Workshop Tour

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WOW ! That's so neat and organized ! I'm planning on posting pictures of my craft room ,as soon as I can get in it !Yes--it's a mess . There's always a project going on there. I should call it my mixed media room , because I do alot more things than glass :)

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Loribee - my eyes are so green looking at ur glass space! Yes, sadly I'll have to share my space with gardening equipment too. :-(. Thanks for sharing.

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How do you store ur unfinished projects - or am I the only one who has unfinished projects? Lol

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Thanks! I love having that space away from the house. My unfinished projects just sit around taking up valuable space, but that's what pushes me to finish them, haha.

I do have what I call "blanks". That's concrete mushrooms, flowers and bugs that I've made but have not mosaiced yet. Those can sit on an outside workbench I have because they are weather resistant. That stuff tends to pile up, heh.

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