Snow Orchid Windchime

gardencroneAugust 24, 2009

A couple of people have asked about this windchime and how I made it. I was at Habitat and they had lots of lamp/light parts. All three of the parts are for small lamps (bathroom and pendant). They were all frosted so I thought they would be cool together. Only thing I didn't think about was the somewhat large hole that I would have to close up to "hang" the thing. I glued all three together and found a heavy piece of foam from some packaging that I cut to fit the hole in the top. I glued the foam on and then threaded some fishing line up thru the bottom, thru the foam and fastened it with a bead and a loop. At the bottom, I got some glass butterflies at WM in the craft section and used those to be the clangers for the chime. The hard part was the "sail"...found some cheap aluminum "flashing" (38cents) at Lowes, cut it in half and hammered it with a balpeen hammer so it looked "cool". I bought some jump rings from the jewelry department to attach the "sail" to the fishing line...and voila. A cute wind chime, altho I have to admit it doesn't make a lot of noise and my SIL won't put it outside because she is afraid it will it is an indoor windchime. I have two more I am making but they both have a plate at the top where I drilled a smaller hole for the fishing line. Hope that is helpful. :)

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Good on You for a recycled chime!!! Lovely job! I LOVE looking at something and imagining a new life for it!!!

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I love the idea for using these light shades. I see them often at YS and always want them but didn't know what to do with them. the frosted look is great. I did think they could be used upside down along a path with a candle for a party but who has time for parties? Thanks for the info.

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