Jungle Garden Finished!

daisymeAugust 28, 2008

The Jungle Garden is grouted and done! I am thrilled to have completed my first project, and could never have done it without Flag's help. Thank you, Carol! You've been wonderful!

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Gorgeous!!! That is the Perfect grout color!!! Good job!!!

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Wow, great job!
Tell a little about it. Are the flower petals & leaves from dishes, tile, ??.
How large is it?

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Wow! Beautiful, I love it! Hope you have a great place to display it!! Grout really brings out the flowers. Jan

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It really is awesome Daisy. Course, judging from those gorgeous birdhouses, we knew you were going to be great at mosaicing...

Keep them coming

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Daisy this is such a beautiful piece. I love the choices you made for the flowers and the leaves. Well done. Kathy

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Daisy you did a fantastic job on this and the grout choice was perfect for it! Now...whatcha gonna do next????

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Turned out perfectly! The colors flow all across it so well. I am thrilled for you, too....now that you've done one and we have you "hooked"...whatcha gonna do next??


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Daisy is out of town for the rest of this week so she told me in an email this morning. I do know she cut all the petals and leaves, stems etc. from dishes. She had a hard time finding enough green for the leaves. I sent her the grout so she would have green, she wanted to use beige or brown I think.
This started life as a platter to be turned into a birdbath, but her DH likes it so much they are going to hang it in an outside pavillion they have.
I am sure she will appreciate all of your compliments, I knew she could do it. She definitely has a lot of talent and an excellent eye for design.

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You did a very great job it turned out so pretty .Way to go!

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WOW oh WOW! I think this is my favorite thing ever made with shards!! That was so sweet of you to send her the perfect grout color, Flag!

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wow, that is really great lookin. can't believe it's your first time, great job.
where did you find all of those neat plates, with such great color? can't wait to see what you do next.

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Beautiful! The green grout is just right. I just love those flowers. You have great talent.

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It turned out soooo beautiful! You did such an excellent job with the china placement, and the grout color is perfect! Way to go!!!!

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congratulations, daisy!
way to go!

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That is sooo pretty! I just love the raspberry color! Very nice work, you should be proud.


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Thank you so much all of you! It's great to have it done and to be able to sit back and enjoy it now. IÂm over all that anxiety worrying about each step and result. Now I feel I can do it again and enjoy myself in the process. LOL

I really enjoyed the grouting, tho' looking at the picture, I'm sure I have a little more polishing to do. I'll be interested in grouting a larger project sometime. I know Flag is forever doing something wonderful that takes ALOT of grouting, and I can see where it could get to be a really big project.

Thanks so much, Flag, for answering the questions in my absence. The unanswered one I see is the size.. the Jungle is 14 inches square. I hadn't anticipated doing a project like this (in my year of ratting around TSs looking for birdhouse tesserae) and could kick myself for returning several plates of that pretty lighter green. The red is from a big box of Chinese dishes I picked up at a GS. Flag saw them in my photos and suggested I use them. As I said earlier, she has been an amazing friend and mentor to me though this process...everything from the initial idea, to helping me figure out how to border the piece, to suggesting tweaks, to sending me the perfect grout. I can't believe the hours she spent helping me. A private teacherÂ.how could I be so lucky? What a great friend.

As for what I'm going to do next.....I think I'm going to have to scrambled to get some birdhouses done, as I'd like to do a couple of Christmas craft fairs. Anything to convince my DH that I'm using SOME of that stock I keep buying by the boxload but using by the plate. LOL

Thanks again everyone for taking time to write and make me feel so special. You're all terrific, wonderful friends. I enjoy you all and your work too!

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