Looking for functioning mosaicable bird feeders/houses

phish_gwAugust 30, 2010

A friend wants to hang bird feeders and/or bird houses in her yard. I'd like to buy one and mosaic it for her. Do you know where to buy reasonably priced bird houses and feeders that actually work? (I've only seen the wooded bird houses in craft stores that are cute but I assume don't actually attract or feed birds).

Also, it's my understanding that you use different types of feeders/houses to attract different types of birds. Are there certain bird houses/feeders that are more condusive to mosaicing or attracting good birds?

I have seen some glass feeders but I'm not sure if I mosaiced the glass part if birds would still be attracted to the feeder? (for example, I think for hummingbirds they look for that red liquid so I wouldn't want to mosaic over it).

Any other advice you have would be great! Thanks.

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There are jug birdhouses-its like a ceramic jug with a hanger on it. probly for bigger birds. I made one from a coffee can with a roof soldered on and mosaiced.
hummers will feed out of whatever-they recognize the little sippy ports that look like flowers and bright colors attract them. I dont color my sugar water and they dont care a bit. My feeders they like the best have a rail for them to sit on. OI have plastic copper and glass.
heres my coffee can house.

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that was a great question and answer. I was thinking about oatmeal box, but knew that wouldn't stand up, and then I thought about a segment of sewer pipe, but no bottom and no top. so the coffee can is a great idea. thanks.

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