Infinite Switch turns on VR1000-can I keep in new kitchen redo?

SparklingWaterFebruary 13, 2013

I am in the bowels of kitchen ventilation mapping and could really use your help.

In place is a working infinite wall switch (115 V, 60 cycle, off/high/med/low) which turns on a Trade Wind VR 1000 cfm external blower. The generic 42" under cabinet vent hood is mounted to a Thermador VCH 6 or VCH 8 (venting control housing) and vents vertically using 3"d x 20" w x height of straight duct before a rear elbow turn back into a joist, up/over to a transition to 10" circular duct running to the VR1000. Everything works fine and air pull is good.

In our upcoming kitchen re-model, can I use our infinite wall switch linked to the VR1000 motor with capacitor external blower with any similar new vent hood purchase that uses an infinite rather than variable switch to control the motor? I plan to leave the exterior blower and electrical in place since it is not broken. Infinite wiring is infinite, right? Nothing has changed on this over time?

All specs/installation sheets will be gone over in detail before purchase and use. I'm just trying to determine if I can use motor and infinite wall switch in place if these plus duct run matches new vent hood requirements.

Thank you very much.

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No nibbles, here? To sum up, I'm hoping to leave an existing working exterior wall blower in place as well as its conduit to the infinite wall switch which controls the exterior blower being turned on. It's a 1000 cfm motor and 5 amp wall switch which vent the current hood well. I want to replace the hood to have greater capture depth.

Just trying to get an idea of infinite wiring ever changes? If I install a new blower with infinite switch, is that compatible with the infinite wiring currently run from exterior of house to kitchen?

Thank you for commenting, even if this is not feasible. My appliance dealer says infinite wiring is infinite.

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I'd love to get my hands on that infinite wiring. An infinite source of copper at $$/lb would be like winning the lottery.

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Ha weedmeister, my point exactly and inference understood!

Why pull working conduit and replace it with new through a convoluted run involving spaced ceiling cuts and conduit pulling? All leading to a working wall switch that just happens to be infinite not the new variable?

Well, it appears this wiring question is too hot. I've got some further ideas, now just have to find discussion of and answers to them.

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