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diynewbie9June 25, 2010

So I've been getting quotes for replacement windows and am trying to figure out how much value to place in the installation warranty. I had one company out who warrantied the windows lifetime (except it only became 10 years if transferred) and 5 years installation. I'm having Lowe's come out who I don't know any details on the windows yet (asked for Pella) and they do 1 year warranty on installation. I'm going to have Champion Windows come out and they do lifetime installation, but it becomes only a 1 year warranty if transferred. I'm looking at other places and they do 5 year installation. Home Depot, who has very mixed reviews on installation throughout the internet, has lifetime warranty on the installation. Although the reviews are very mixed for home depot, I'm also aware that there's much more motivation to go online to report a horrible experience than to report a great one. I lean towards Home Depot due to true no interest financing (I had one company quote "no interest" by adding a 10 percent charge to entire order) and their warranty seems very good. I'm also going into this knowing a may be paying a little more than just buying the windows and going with a contractor, but the no interest and the installation warranty is pushing me towards HD. Also, my home is from the 50s and has been tested to have lead dust in some windows and HD does address that issue with EPA certified installers.

Basically, I'm willing to put up with a painful first installation (as may be the case with HD) if I have the installation guaranteed forever. I'm wondering if that logic makes sense to anyone else? This is my first home and first really major renovation so I'm more than willing to have some sense knocked into me if there's no logic to my thoughts. Also, being my first home, I'm looking to not stay here forever and I think a fully transferable lifetime warranty is a good selling point vs. just a year or so.

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My personal feelings and i think others will agree is to look for a true window and door distributor(not a box store) speak to them some will have financing available, all will recommend good installers and you may find you end up with better overall installed product that may be cheaper even with interest on the financing. My opinion is just that but i would not have a box store's installers put in my windows.

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Keep in mind that a warranty only lasts as long as the company offering it remains in business.

Installers go in and out of business with the ebb and flow of the local building activity.

Doing the job correctly is a better value than a warranty.

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Look for companies that have been in business for a while and have their own installation crews.

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