WIP Jungle Garden

daisymeAugust 21, 2008

Well, I may not be the fastest mosaicer out there...you all can certainly attest to that. But I am the luckiest new one around, as I've had so much help and encouragement here on the forum getting this piece together. Each of your notes means the world to me.

I never would have even begun this first "real" mosaic project without Flag's encouragement. She saw my box of raspberry red plates in my birdhouse photo collection and suggested I use them. I showed interest in doing a project, but expressed my anxieties about starting something I'd never done before. She encouraged me on. And then a week later she asked how the cutting was going which gave me a kick in the behind to do more. And then she's stuck by my side all these weeks answering so many questions I can't believe. What a friend.

Here is where I am today. Ready to grout!

Thank you, Carol. I wouldn't be here and loving it so much without your help and encouragement.

Gail aka Daisyme

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INcredible. You sure started out with a bang on your first mosaic piece!!!! Love, love, love your use of plates for flower petals and leaves!!! INCREDIBLE inspiring

It looks just like a painting!! When I first looked at it, I thought you HAD painted parts of it, but now I see it is all plates, tile!!! Fantastic girlie

And you sure seem to have your nipping/cutting down to an art.

What kind of tile is the border?? and the actual edging is that painted burgundy leaves, or tiles, or what??

You really did well Gail!! Awesome

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DAISY, that is just GAW-GEOUS! I love it, look forward to seeing it grouted! I have some sage green grout that would look really good on it. Want some? :)

And Carol really is a doll!

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This is so soooo beautiful!! You must be an artist (painter) to come up with such an intricate design, can't believe it's your 1st. The leaves are nipped to look just like real ones, I noticed some tips even go off to left or right. Amazing work!! Can't wait to see it grouted!! Jan

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I LOVE it! It's beautiful! I love the colors-just amazing work! So much to look at. I want it!

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It is worth every bit of help I gave you to see what a beautiful piece you have come up with. Great job Gail

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OMG!!! This is AWESOME!! I would NEVER have thought to nip plates into leaves and petals...what a WONDERFUL idea and what a GREAT job you did!! I can't wait to see this grouted. WOW!

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Oh you little stinker!
You are such an inspiration.
The patterns chosen for each area are perfect, the knipping is skillful and your spacing is professional.
You have to have some kind of art background girl.
Wonderful job.

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WOW WOW WOW!!! Everybody has said it all!!!! Beautiful!!!

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GULP. You l'il heifer! Sure, go ahead and make a masterpiece on your first attempt. See if I care!

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Oh my. I am so humbled. Thaat is so well done. Wow I can't wait to see it grouted.

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Gail I am speachless. WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW.Georgeous.

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Wooowww...You got the coveted "SlowMeDown You L'il Heifer" Designation on your FIRST PIECE! Impressive!


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Oh My, this is absolutely stunning!!! You did an outstanding job on this. I too can't wait to see it grouted. Congrats on such a beautiful piece!


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OMG that is soooooooooooooo pretty! every word every one said is so true .That is Great!

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WoW, that is soooo beautiful!! Can't wait to see it grouted. Amazing what you can do with some pretty china, love it!

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OMG...that is fabulous!

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Fabulous...so...is it grouted yet? What color grout are you going to use?

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How wonderfully out together that is! Those plates are so beautiful and you've created a truly dreany jungle for sure!

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Wow!!! This is absoutely gorgeous. You really have an eye for using patterns. You are a true artist.

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Your project is absolutely wonderful and it's your first one. How great is that! I love how you nipped the tiles to create the leaves. Please send an updated picture when it's grouted.

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Really is a n amazing beautiful piece,just like a painting!Is the border red and white plates or how is that done?and yes our Flag is quite a special lady!

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Wow, you all. I've been away and it was so much fun to come home today to this wonderful response. You know, sometimes when you don't know anything, things just happen. I didn't know that you COULDN'T cut out leaves and petals, so I just did it. I'm glad it gives some of you others some new ideas. I'd love seeing some more nipped plate pieces out there. It was Flag's black-grouted flowered pot that inspired me.

Q&As. Mermaid....The brown border is vitreous glass tiles from Joann's. One of the first questions I asked Flag was how to border the edge of this garden in a ceramic platter. She suggested that I nip small glass tiles in half, which is what I did. She said that this would give me a place to stop the grout. The red is the platter border that I did the mosaic in.

Ronnie, you are a doll. Sage would have looked great too. You and Crafty, Flag sent me some pine green, so that's what I'm going with. You guys are awesome friends. What a nice offer, Ronnie. Geez.

Jan and Texas, other than photography and singing I've never done anything artistic in my life until two years ago when a friend taught me her technique for mosaic birdhouses. I thought I had no talent at all. It's been a wonderful experience for me to have something so rewarding to play with now. Here's my link to the birdhouses for anyone interested. http://photobucket.com/daisyme-birdhouses

Since they aren't grouted, they aren't true mosaics.

All of you....so many to mention....thank you so much for your sweet and inspiring comments. Flag, you're wonderful, and it's fun to read that others recognize this too. Slow, I hope you know how much YOUR comments have meant to me too on this project and to so many others on theirs.

I will hopefully be grouting this week. We have a good friend seriously ill in the hospital which has had me away from home, and I'll have to see if I can be of more help there before I can get this totally finished. It will be done really really SOON however. I promise.

Gail, aka Daisy(me!)

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Okay Daisy I looked and your birdhouses and I am just totally amazed. Even though you didn't grout them, I would still consider them true mosaics. I never in a million years would have thought you could combine dish shards and twigs, etc in the same piece and have it look good but you did it! Stop selling yourself short...you have a definite talent for this!!!!


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Thanks, Barb. It's been more rewarding than anything I've ever done. What a fun art and hobby to find just as I retired....something to fill my time with joy. We're all so lucky to have found mosaic and each other here on the forum I think!

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