Rotted Andersen vinyl clad window

daveskiJune 30, 2008

Does anyone know if there is a way to repair rotted wood inside an Andersen vinyl clad casement window? Mine are 16 years old and the sill is apparently rotted in the lower corner of the frame, where the hinge attaches.

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Not worth repairing usually. If the frame is rotted (which is likely the case if the sill is rotted at the frame), a full replacement is advisable.

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The question is, why are they rotting? Andersen has had a big problem with the casement vinyl cracking at the corners.(especially the Terratone color) This would then cause this water to enter and rot the wood. Call Andersen at 1-888-888-7020 and tell them you have a vinyl cracking problem. They should replace them. If they give you a hard time, yell louder. They have been replacing thousands of faulty sashes with this problem since the 80s. Good luck

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

Most interior rotting on Andersen and Pella is due to condensation on the glass which permeates the wood and decays it over time.

Those metal spacers of yesteryear were bad performers.


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Wood rots when it gets damp and mildew and mold set in.

The longer it sets damp or wet, the quicker it rots.

Also, some wood species are more susceptible to rot. Pine falls to pieces quite quickly.

Next time, buy Douglas Fir.

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In response to the above post regarding the rot resistency of wood, pine and fir are very closely similar in this characteristic, with fir being the difference of about a week longer in resistency. If one is looking for a rot resistent wood species, look to cedar, teak, mahogany or cypres, among others. Don't be fooled by industry gimmicks about Douglas fir, or wood dipped in preservatives, etc.

If the frame core has rotted on your Andersen window, or any other manufacturer's window, it is time for a replacement. In my opinion, the problem with the Andersen product lies in the use of plastic or vinyl, to clad the structural wood core. Plastic/vinyl materials are disposable products, thus they are not a good protective cover from permanent fixtures of any home.

Currently, all wood windows appear to be the best source for long-lasting windows. However, if one is concerned about low-maintenance, the use of extruded aluminum cladding has proven to out-perform roll-formed or vinyl cladding.

Contact Andersen and ask them about a discounted price or "recall" on the window with which you are having problems.

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You are seeing this because of int condensation. Andersen won't warrant them because 1-interior condensation is something that you have control of and 2-you are outside of their warranty.

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