katishookedAugust 31, 2008

Woo Hoo I visited my scrap stained glass friend Friday. Lookee what I have. Also posted pre-grouted light fixture GB.

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Good score Kati. A stash of possibilities, how wonderful. I am soooo green with envy!

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Aren't we all GREEN and drooling. Great score, wish I had friends like that! The girl behind me does stained glass but she is very sporadic and doesn't do it all the time. I am always asking her about her scraps, but if she doesn't do anything, no scraps. Lucky you!

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Good score!!!Nice globe too! Do you have some of those glass nippers?And a tumbler?

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What a pretty globe! And nice score on all that scrap! Isn't it fun to get a big ol box like that and then sit and sort it all out? You'll be mosaicing like crazy now!

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Jackpot is right! You'll really be doing some projects now...how wonderful also to get the bb and the globe!


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Calamity I have the wheel cutters but no tumbler. I have been thinking on it tho. The 1st box is from gals mom in Fla-16# and the 2nd from this gal was 17#. Yes I am having a ball sorting it. Had to get more containers. Now I don't have any excuses.

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You lucky girl! All that to dream on!

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