becky_iaAugust 14, 2009

Good morning all,

Have been so busy and missed this place! Do try & keep up by viewing everyones projects once or twice a week, but haven't posted for awhile. Did work on some stepping stones last weekend so hope to be able to get back into the swing of things now that fall is right around the corner. Am doing several shows this fall so really need to get my nose to the grindstone!

Just a quick question...have a client who wishes for me to use these special tiles she purchased while living in New Mexico which are called the ZIA. She wants me to make them into a stepping stone which I can do, but wondering if there is something else one could do with it. She wishes to have it displayed and used as Garden Art.

Any suggestions?



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Forgot to explain a little about the ZIA.

The Zia,is a symbol of the sun, and also the four directions and the circle of life on earth.


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WOW! Love it...I may have to add it to my front door project!!! It would look nice done on a GOG too! ahhhh, love the symbolism!!!

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Well hey, girlie - long time since we have seen you here. Beautiful tile just like it is. Don't stay away so long next time. Keep us posted.

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HI- Good to see you back. I just recently saw somewhere a fountain made with these. Check out Clamity's thread on fountains and you will see a fish fountain. The one I saw was similar to this only using these tiles on the upper part instead of a fish and just a copper tube for the water spigot. They would also look good as a wall hanging by mounting them on hardibacker board. Then she could put them on the patio or near the front door as a welcome.

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