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Calamity_JAugust 8, 2013

Today I have a bud who is bringing someone over to talk about mosaicing. So that is exactly what I need to get my butt scrambling to tidy up my Art Room!!! lol! The room of shame! I have so many "WIP" and "tesserae" that I cannot find any where to actually work! They will not be here till 2:30pm...I plan to work like crazy to clean/tidy and be ready! That means getting off this computer and getting busy!ha! But the reason I am mentioning this is I will be...of course!... introducing them to this wonderful forum! Stay tuned!!!

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'bout time you got buzzing in the art world again, girlie. Anxious for some pictorial proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm the same way! I have to have a good reason (shame, embarrassment) to clean up my work space. Occasionally I will give a mosaic class here at home, and that gives me the impetus I need to get organized!

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As it stands now, I am Totally looks like a Craft Room Hoarder!!!

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Craft Room Hoarders . . . we could do a spin-off TV show!

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Seems like craft rooms aren't supposed to be too tidy so don't get real organised or we will all be ashamed!

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I feel you pain .I have been working to clean and organize my room took me 2 weeks and guess what it is already a mess but still organized .I am trying to use up some things and am doing a bowling ball with s shell.So I got ss every where.

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Calamity, how did it go?

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Hi There! So the visit went so inspired me to keep going! So I decided to PURGE all the "stuff" I took to my shed...which has two side is 10x30 and 18x18! That's a lot of future projects stored away! So many that I can't see the tree for the forest! So I have gone thru and taken a whole load to the recycle depot! (I just got my utility trailer welded all nice and strong!) Yup! A whole load of "stuff" I thought I couldn't live without! I don't mean just mosaic stuff, also garden art/garden junk items too! And I only got thru 3/4 of the 10x30 part!! I probably have three more loads to go! Here is a pic of the Art Room...with the concrete leaves I am working on for my birdbath. Just went and got a new pump and hose for it! Tweeking the leaves to hold water better and also drain better. I am thinking I would like to get this birdbath up and running, then mosaic the base with slate. I ran across 4 boxes of smashed slate pcs that I will use for the birdbath and am also remembering that I wanted to mosaic my raised concrete garden bed.(Stones,marbles/slate)
Also, on Sept 7th, there is a gathering of mosaic artists here in town and so I am thinking of gathering up a bunch of tesserae to give away, AND to maybe have a wiremesh/concrete workshop! So I had better get cracking with the clean up!

Here is a link that might be useful: Art Room

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Wow! You are on a roll! I'm impressed.

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Wanna see that birdbath up and running. FOCUS on that, please. How are you tweeking them to hold more water??? What is your basin for holding the water and the pump? I sooooo w/love to make one of these. I could make the leaves and have one of my yard men install it. I assume your basin w/be underground? How much water w/it hold? I have a place where it w/look great - in front of the plaque w/the faces in back of the house.

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Your art studio looks wonderful..I win the prize for the most cluttered/unorganized for sure!

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oh my gosh i love love love your art room.

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