How To Secure Custom Stained Glass Window to Vinyl Window?

mydreamhomeJune 4, 2011

Found a beautiful french door set with beveled glass & caming design on it. The company that makes the door does not make a matching transom. I'm thinking I'll just put in a standard vinyl door transom above the door. How would I go about attaching a custom transom window insert to that all vinyl transom window? Can I even use a mismatched transom & door unit?

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Try contacting a door mnufacturer like Provia, Jel Wen or Therma-Tru and see if they can make a transom the size you need. They may even offer a pattern similar to your door. I can't tell you how to attach it based on your description, but a transom is a seperate unit and sits in it's own frame over the door. There is nothing to attach. I think you should have a carpenter look at your project and advise you about what can be done.

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Thanks, Skydawggy. It was a little late (or early depending on how you look at it) when I posted my question. I should've clarified a little better. I'm wanting to know two things:

1) If I've got just a beveled glass insert (all glass maybe 1/4"-1/3" deep) sized to the actual glass in the existing all vinyl transom, how would I secure it in place? I've seen where you can put a wood trim border around the glass insert and nail the wood trim to the window frame to keep everything in place but that was with a wood interior window.

2) Can I use say a Masonite brand fiberglass patio door and mull a PlyGem vinyl transom to it?

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I think you may be misundersstanding what mulling means. Mulling means "to attach". As an example, when we take 2 identical windows, there is a design in the frame like an accessory groove that allows us to attach the 2 windows together with a piece of vinyl and thus eliminate a wood mullion in the middle, thus the word "mull". What I am understanding is you have is a piece of glass with no frame that you want to use with a door. If that's the case, then I would do a seperate cut-out above the door opening, frame it out, flash it and then install the glass. It's critical that this be done properly so that there's no chance of water penetrating. Again, I recommend you not try to do this yourself unless you have some carpentry experience. Especially if it's going to involve cutting into the walls.

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