Jeld-wen or Marvin?

renonoviceJune 28, 2009

We're preparing to do a two-story addition to our home in Chicago. It will be relatively modern and will involve a lot of windows. We had planned to use Marvin Ultimate Casements, but due to cost, our contractor suggested we check out Jeld-wen Siteline EX. These would cost about 30% less. My understanding is that Marvin is regarded as superior. But I'm wondering what people think of Jeld-wen, especially in this climate. Is it worth considering or should we bite the bullet and go with Marvin? I'm also wondering if Jeld-wen will have the same architectural look on the exterior. Thanks for all input.

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Jeld-win bought up several window makers and has a wide range of lines from econo to "luxury", so you have to make sure you compare "apples and apples". I've shopped several makes and Marvin was head and shoulders above all others in fit and quality, and solid, smooth operation. You also use high-end Marvin in the main spaces and lesser cost Jeld-win in private rooms if the proportions and styles are visually compatible.

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As dwpc stated Jeldwen bought several companies and though they are a decent product they are not even close to the same class as Marvin. They were all no better than what is commonly called a "builders window" and I feel they are no better than that today

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We recently installed about a dozen Marvin windows and doors in a house we are renovating. The quality is superior to anything else we looked at, including Jeldwen. We bought the clad exterior Marvins and the looks, fit and finish are fantastic, both from inside and outside the house.

Also, a friend of mine is putting Jedwens in a new house he is building. Not sure which line but there is no comparison with the Marvins, the Jeldwens are much more flimsy looking and feeling, the seams are not tight, etc.

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We have Jeld-wen aluminum clad windows from their "Custom" line (formerly Pozzi). We looked at Marvins, which were lovely. The first Marvin rep couldn't seem to get around to giving us a bid even though we gave him a detailed window schedule and a copy of our house plans (new construction). We asked another Marvin dealer for a bid which came in at about 30% higher than the Jeld-wen. For us it came down to a choice between Jeld-wen and Loewen. The reps from Pella, Jeld-wen, and Loewen were all extremely helpful. Both Marvin reps we dealt with left a lot to be desired. It was as though they wanted us to beg for their (expensive) windows. Our windows are beautiful, fairly large casement style, and open and close with ease. We're 2 years post construction, and so far, so good.

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If your planning on staying in your home long term go with Marvin. Marvin dosen't make a builders grade window. "Builders Grade" is code for lower quality. I replaced my 12 year old builders grade casement windows (made by a Jeldwyn company) with the Marvin wood with clading on the exterior. I'm amazed at what a difference the new windows make in the comfort of our home.

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