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Iza26June 3, 2011

I am located in the Bay Area in California and had the Alside 70 series installed a few years ago. Before I decide on my purchase I was educated about the Alside windows by my sales person. I also saw several different samples of the 3 series they offer on the West Coast. Those are the Alside 70, 80 and Excalibur series. All of the above mentioned windows have no snap- in sill on them, and are one solid frame. In the past I had seen other comments on the forum stating a defect with the snap- in sill windows produced by Alside. I went with the 70 series, since it was the less expensive and had less vinyl frame and more glass out of the 3, but yet still had a very durable construction. I wanted to clear up any misconceptions, since those defect windows were and are not sold on the West Coast. I am very happy with my choice and the windows look great, make a big difference in my heating bills and have a lifetime warranty!!

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What is the air infiltration rating on those windows? I'll bet your Alside window salesman didn't discuss that with you. Oh, I know, you don't "feel" any air coming in so therefore they aren't leaking a lot of air. And they are better than what you had.

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Skydawggy, so.. what is your point?

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I was referring to the generally high air infiltration rate Alside windows have compared to some of the better windows on the market. However, I will retract what I said about this particular Alside model as it is a single hung and has a pretty low A.I. rating as do most single hung windows.

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