Is Jeldwen Siteline ok?

Bridget HelmJune 28, 2013

the Jeldwen siteline is what I'm leaning towards. my builder says you get a lot of bang for your buck with them. the warranty is good. I forgot what exactly it is. i'm going to get a quote on Marvin Integrity, which i know is better. but if it's a LOT more, then I'll prob go with the Siteline. any opinions on or experience with the siteline by Jeldwen? i like the look of the window with the putty grilles. they protrude more than the colonial

one plus with the siteline is that they come in blue. i really want blue windows. it's called cascade. pella architect has a blue aluminum clad window too, but I've heard they don't have good service. it's a nice looking window, however.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What about the warranty is good?

If you search on the warranty history of the parent company, you will find that the warranty is probably not worth the paper its written on.

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I have stated it before and it is rather blunt and some people will not like it but the only good thing in my opinion about Jeldwen is nothing! Any line, any product in a window, again my opinion but............

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Your builder is on drugs and lacks credibility if he thinks Jeldwin is a good window. In other words, he has a low window IQ?
Jeldwin is a low quality window which i highly doubt you would want in your own home.
Its unrealistic to think that you can procure and install a good window at a " good bang for the buck" price.

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Bridget Helm

ooops. sorry. it wasn't my builder that said that, it was the window salesman. he sells other brands, so i don't know why he would say that if he didn't really think it was true. i just wanted to correct my statement. my builder doesn't know i'm on here and i didn't say his name, but still, i thought i should correct my statement.

what about Lincoln windows?

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For us, Kolbe Traditions was the same price as Siteline EX, and I thought the Kolbe looked light years better. My builder also uses Jeld-Wen normally, and I was disappointed in everything but their custom line, and the Kolbes were cheaper than JW custom. For the sake of comparison, we are doing all-wood double hung windows (no casements and no cladding).

I originally was worried about Kolbe because our local dealer kept telling my builder that we should just get the windsor (I asked for a Kolbe all wood bid and he sent a Windsor pinnacle aluminum clad bid, then for weeks refused to bid Kolbe, very strange) but when I went over there, the owner asked me what I thought of the bids. When I told him we still didn't have the Kolbe bid he pulled our job from that salesman, reassigned it, and I got the bid same day. Only explaining my change of heart from my thread below.

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Lincoln may be worse than Jeldwen but certainly no better!!

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Bmh, with the exception of the Integrity, you are at what I'd refer to as "throwaway " windows. They last about 10 yrsand then you throw them away. Certainly you can save some money now, but is that investment wise over the long term?
I suspect that your contractor/salesperson just isnt a "window guy", and that is the reason for his recommendations.

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I am a little surprised by the anti Jeldwen sentiment in this forum. I wonder how many of the critics here have current hands on experience with the Siteline EX. I use them in multi million dollar projects all the time, many of which are directly on the ocean. I will say in the mid 90's we did have many problems with Pozzi (Jeldwen's Custom line) and we actually refused to sell it for some time, but Siteline has always been a solid product in my book. It's not on par with Marvin or Loewen but certainly a viable option.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Millworkman has forgotten more about wood than I will probably ever know but I think his contention is less with the product and more with the warranty musical chairs that the company has played in the past.

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