wiring a generator for back up power

deerhunter2010February 13, 2010

is there any outher way to hook up other then using a transfer switch or a lot of drop cords,please tell me how,thanks

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There are generator interlock kits. You need to get one for your main panel.
Square D makes one.

What it does is to stop you moving the breaker switches into the wrong setting. Note it relies on the main breaker as a cut off between your house and the grid.

The interlock kits are cheaper than transfer switches and some people think they are flimsy. I think there are ok for code though.

Best, Mike.

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Breaker interlock kits are a lot less expensive than a transfer switch. They are fine if you can answer "yes" to these questions.

(1) Is a breaker interlock kit available to fit your panel?

(2) are you convinced that every time the breaker handle is moved to "off", the breaker contacts will actually open?

(3) does your power company and/or local inspector share your view regarding question #2?

(4) Are you sure that your inspector/ power company will allow a non-switched neutral?

Notwithstanding the above, they are a much better alternative than some of the schemes I have seen others use.

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