Opening Up an Uninspected Wall

plumeriavineFebruary 28, 2010

So, we know there were splices that were supposed to be corrected in the wall. The GC swore up and down that the splices were fixed.

The rough electrical on two walls was not inspected. The building inspector hesitated about making the GC open up the walls.

The building inspector will be back this week.

What would you do? Would you insist that the uninspected electrical walls be opened up?

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Evidently you are not dealing with Dallas electrical inspectors. If the rough in was not inspected, those walls need to be opened up. Your GC should know better and the expence should be his.

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Ron Natalie

I can't tell because your inspector already seems to not care anything about the NEC (nor does the amateur hour electrician). What state is this supposed to be anyhow?

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If I insist that the wall get opened up and everything is passable inside the wall (which I completely doubt. I am 99.9% sure that they plastered over splices, for example) will I look like a giant idiot?

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"The rough electrical on two walls was not inspected."

That is reason enough to force him to open it at his expense.

You might start by sending the head of inspections at the AHJ a written letter with return receipt detailing you concerns.

This is really starting to sound like $$ money is involved, and not the kind openly transferred.

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There is a reason the walls were not inspected, and if it is because the contractor didn't know better, which I doubt. He will never forget the rule once he has to open up these walls, at his own expense.

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Be sure that everything else on your property is in order before you fire off a letter to the inspector's supervisor/office. Such a letter often results in a multitude of other inspectors/code enforcement officers/insert-name-of-obscure-govt-office-busybody here going over the place with the proverbal fine toothed comb.

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reading through all your posts about the nightmare you've been having, personally I say try to cut your loss's and get rid of them!
From all your posts it sounds like none of your contractors have a clue what they're doing. Have him open the walls then fire him. Who knows what else he's done that you haven't found and who knows what else he's going to do now that he's mad at you. Get him out of your house ASAP!

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The contractor(s) should be willing to put all your concerns to rest... are these two walls interior walls? if all that is needed is to open a wall or too I would insist.
Interior walls usually don't have insulation, use a hole-saw on every other stud and then an inspection mirror of camera..easy fix

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Have the wall opened and the wiring inspected. I can't tell you how many rehabs I've done where splices have been made just hanging in the wall, some with just electrical tape or friction tape and even duct tape wrapped on them. Have it done right.

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Eight posters suggested opening the walls except ronnatalie who seems more interested in taking exception to my post.

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Ron Natalie

I didn't take exception with your post. I asked what state he was in since his comments about what the AHJ found acceptable defy logic (and the NEC or any other electrical code I saw).

It has been my stated opinion since PLUMERIA showed up here that the entire job needs to be ripped out and done right, wiring, crappy tile job, etc....

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When contractors cover stuff up so an inspector can't easily see it, there is usually a reason. You already know this guy cuts corners on stuff you can see, so I would be shocked if he didn't cut corners on things you can't see.

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