Ground rod and UFER

fecollierFebruary 24, 2010

I am installing a combo meter panel on my new construction house. I ran a UFER ground and the rebar is in the exterior wall stud cavity. The panel is surface mounted and the utility requires a ground rod as well. Do I have to have the ground wire run from the rod (through the panel for convenience) to the UFER and then to the grounding lug as a continuous wire, or can I run a separate wire form each to the ground lug?

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Ron Natalie

You can do it either way, at least as far as the NEC is concerned, but since your utility/AHJ seems to have more stringent requirements than what the code strictly requires you should check with them.

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I agree. Check with your POCO.

That ground rod is NOT even required per the NEC, so POCO rules will dictate this.

I doubt it would have to be continuous though.

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AHJ agrees, a separate connection for each is OK.


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