I feel so much better now that I spoke up....not sf related

mom2emallJuly 3, 2009

So we have one set of neighbors who have 2 unruly boys. The boys swear, hit, say mean things, bully, etc and they are both not even teens! This spring I banned our boys from playing with them because one of the two boys attacked my son. Jumped on him and began throwing punches! When I talked to the parents they had an attitude like it was not at all their childs fault. In the meantime my other neighbor also banned her kids from playing with the same boys because she has wittnessed the same behaviors.

So I have told my boys that they are to not engage in anything with those boys. If they are bikeriding they are to ignore those boys.

So lately when my boys and the neighbor boys bikeride those 2 brothers will come outside and block the sidewalk and say things to antagonize. Today my boys come home and are like "we cant take it anymore!" The boys jumped out in front of their bikes, spit on the ground in front of them, and told my boys that they will call the police if they ride their bikes on that sidewalk near their home. My boys proceeded to say go ahead and call our dad (my hubby is a cop). My boys came home and told me and I told them to ignore those kids and ride around them if they step in front of them again.

Hours later my boys were riding bikes and the same boys were at a different house with friends and began yelling at my boys and saying they will beat them up like they did before!

I had it. There is only one way to get to the park and it is past the other kids home. If my boys ride on sidewalks around the block they have to pass that house. There is no avoiding it! Those boys ride past our home nad nobody bothers them!

I went down and told them mom what happened. She began saying how my boys rode through her lawn and I told her that was because her boys blocked the sidewalk when they saw mine coming and my boys just went around hers. Her response was yelling "well I guess I better talk to my boys since everything is obviously their fault (insert eye roll and arm waving)"

I said in a calm voice "well I am glad we finally both see things the same way....your boys are uncontrollable obviously!" To that she mutters something under her breath and then loudly sighs and starts stomping off to retrieve her boys. I then respond "well I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree!"

To that I walked back home and she stormed off to the house down the street and I saw her bringing her boys home. I have not seen them outside since.

Now I feel better! Everytime I have talked to this mom about stuff with the kids she has acted like her boys are perfect and mine are the problem. And in this situation hers are actually bullies! And it made me feel good for her to be forced to see it.

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I just read something somewhere (!) that said that people often develop normally until a crisis hits or until they get really really comfy, & then...they stop.

& they stay at that developmental stage for the rest of their lives.

Reading your post, I was thinking this mom (& a *lot* of moms/dads/etc) got "stuck" at the rebellious, "I didn't do it & you can't prove I did!" stage, thereafter challenging "authority" for the rest of their lives.

& it seems like they *always* reward their children for behaving the same way.

sort of like using your children to get back at the world.

Thank goodness you maintained your adult personality with her.

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Good for you for standing up for your kids---and the other kids in the neighborhood!

What an obnoxious mother and neighbor this woman is!

Are these kids at your kids' school? Bullying problems there?

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Good for you, Mom2!

I just hope this doesn't start a neighborhood war. Those parents don't sound like the classiest.

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I do not think it will start a war...just maybe dirty looks and cold shoulders. The funny thing is that the kids go to private school and the family walks past our house every Sunday to attend church services. You would think they are decent people.....but I feel like that is all a mask for the demons they are raising!

On the 4th our town had fireworks at the park we usually go to. We walked since it is only a few blocks. On the way home they were in front of us walking. The bigger troublemaker of the two boys stopped to tie his shoe (I think so we would catch up). Well we passed the boys and their father (their mom did not go to fireworks-she does not work or anything?). When we got up to the street to cross there was lots of cars leaving the fireworks. They all rushed out in front of cars and crossed so we ended up behind them again.

Well when we passed their house (it was almost 10pm) the dad had gone inside and left the two boys outside hanging out in the driveway! It was like he was asking for trouble.

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