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yaworskipgdFebruary 24, 2011

The smart-ass answer to this is that I should have taken a picture of the wiring and I'd be all good, but it's too late for that.

I had to move three light switches and the box to build a new wall in my home to enclose a loft into a bedroom. I have a new box in the new wall with the wires all entering into it. I need to rewire the switches just like they were before but my limited electrical knowledge has me full of doubt.

The three switches control a foyer chandelier, a hallway light, and the bedroom light. The chandelier is a three-way switch; the other two are single switches.

The wires coming into the box are a 14/3 and a 14/2 from below; and two 14/3 and one 14/2 exiting out the top.

I've figured out from this forum that the 14/3 in and the 14/2 out are for the three way switch. I think I've got down how to wire the switch for that.

The problem is wiring the other two single switches, both of which have 14/3 connecting into it. Just how do I do it? That is, how do I connect the red and white and black wires to the switch and to each other and to the 14/2 that is providing the current?

More info, if necessary: the hallway light, I've confirmed, is fed by a 14/3. The red and white are connected to the light; the black is tied in with other blacks in the box. The bedroom light used to be a ceiling fan. I am not sure how the red/white/black connect to the light (but it worked fine before).

Any help is appreciated. I do recall that many white wires were tied in together, I just don't remember if it was all of them. Can't recall if any reds were simply capped. Two blacks were pigtailed to the switches, though I don't recall if they were from the same incoming source.

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Ron Natalie

We're not going to be able to solve this for you directly.

Your best bet is to try to draw a picture with as much information as you can ascertain.

If there's a 3-way switch, there must be another one somewhere else, look at that. Find all the fixtures connected and look at what they are wired to.
Turn off the power and see if you can identify which cables go where. Lamps and the fan will usually have fairly low resistance. You can unscrew the bulb(s) on the fixture you THINK you've identified and see if the circuit goes open. You can also find a wire tracer online or at better home centers that may help.

Turn on the power and measure the voltages on the various wires.

Once you have that you should be able intuit the correct wiring of the switches.

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You said the threeway is working so I will not talk about that one.
Take the black power wire that is feeding the three way and connect to the other two blacks and one terminal on the swithces.
Connect the whites to the power white.
Connect the reds to the remaining screw on the switches.

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