what would you do with this family room?

swatsAugust 19, 2013

We're closing on this house at the end of the month, and I am at a loss for where to start with decorating it. I am particularly lost when it comes to this family room.
What do other people do with these huge 2 story rooms? Mostly I'm looking for ideas: if this was your family room, how would YOU decorate it? Thanks!!

Hey All,

Thanks for the reply and the compliments.
Yes I do love this room :)
Since many are asking about the function of this room I would say we watch tv and I have 2 boys who are younger than 3 years.

So more ideas are welcome :)

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Wow! Gorgeous room!

I would LOVE to see this room done in Belgian style -- neutrals with lots of tones and textures .....

Will you be adding a TV above the fireplace?

Perhaps a long thin console table in the hallway with a grid of neutral botanicals (ex. birds eggs) above the table .... OR perhaps a long table with a netural mirror above it with creamy ivory plates hung there too ....

Then add a couple of seating areas (sofas plus swivel chairs for versatility)

Here is a link that might be useful: Phoebe Howard inspiration room

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Double WOW !!
Will this be where your family goes to watch the tv? What is in the area where the shot is taken?? I can't imagine how to decorate that room without seeing the rest of it and knowing how you intend to use it.

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It's a grand room with strong elements. I don't think it needs "lots" of decorating because the existing details speak for themselves.

My first step would be to define the purpose(s) of the room. How would the room be used? Possible factors to consider:

- Do you have children? How old are they?
- How many people are in the household?
-Do you have visitors often?
-What do you and the rest of the family prefer to do on weeknights? On weekends?
- Are there family members who are all day home or everyone is at work or school?
- What are the adjoining spaces? If your dining room is next to the family room and you need an overflow table(s) for Thanksgiving dinner, you could factor it in your room setup;
- and more, as your lifestyle and family situation dictate you.

Depending on how many people you typically have around and at what times, you could figure out the minimum amount of seating. If puzzles, poker or board games are the way of entertaining in your home, you would want to have a table to accommodate it. If you have teens in your home who often have their friends over, you might want to set up a space for them to hang out. If you like to watch a movie with a glass of wine, then a bar would be handy.

There are so many possibilities for this beautiful room.

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Yes, more info on the purpose of the room.

Oh and it is gorgeous!!!!!

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Gorgeous! It is pretty much decorated already!

Yes-- let's start with function before we get to the decorating. I do think it might work to divide it up into different areas w/different functions. So pretty!!!

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Very pretty room. It seems like a great living room. I would try to avoid putting a tv in there if possible. It would very echoey and the sound will travel straight up to the bedrooms. If you have another smaller room that can work as a den, then I would put the tv there.

I imagine 2 areas, each anchored by a Persian rug. One seating area by the fireplace with a sofa and 2 chairs. Another with a pretty round oak table with 4 upholstered chairs. Maybe a backless chaise between the 2. The oak table can be used as a card table, game table or homework area.

I would replace the ceiling fan with a chandelier.

Those windows are so pretty I would hate to cover them up, but you will have to see how the sound is in the room.

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Am I the only one who hasn't been moved to waltz? That room and those windows look romantic :)

I agree, it's not a family room in the sense of TV and raucous activities. Lovely day-time conversation, or quiet reading while enjoying the view from those windows.
I'd install bookcases under the lofted area and place wonderfully comfortable chairs and tables throughout the space.

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I would definitely start with changing the fan. It is so different in its scale than the rest of the room. Not sure if you need a fan or if you could go big with a nice chandelier.

Is there room for two areas. It is hard to tell in the pic if the photographer used a wide angle lens and thus making the room appear larger. If it is as big as it looks then I would consider one area around the television anchored with an area rug and some couches and chairs. For the other end of the room I would consider a game table and some comfy chairs. Tough to say without knowing the dimensions. Or even a round coffee table with four large conversation chairs around it. I would also add a rug to define the space under the chairs and coffee table.

Really, the possibilities are endless!

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Elraes Miller

What a beautiful room to have a problem with. I'm being facetious, this room has possibilities for so many different styles. You can really have a great time pulling it together. I love the room.

So, dimensions are needed and another pic of the wall not shown. I actually counted the wood boards and came up with far less than expected for the width, even changing up what their actual width may be. Obviously my method didn't work to figure out the dimensions. Looking at the windows it is obvious a special lense was used for taking photos and has skewed what we are seeing.

Is there an opening to a dining room or kitchen we are not seeing? Doors going outside?

I love fireplaces and agree with others that the area is a great place for creating a conversation piece.

It looks like the fireplace does have installation options for a TV above. But am not a fan of doing so and think the wall design itself is one to focus on. Creating another TV area.

The right wall looks like it was meant for a gallery wall with lights under the bump outs. And not sure how much room there is between the heat outlets on the floor on both sides, which will dictate furniture placement.

If this is the family room, do you have a living room too?

What style do you like? Is there current furniture which will be used or can be used?

Agree with the fan being replaced, but it may be a necessary element. You might want to wait 'til living there awhile to consider a need. There are many new styles available and would look at the possibilities for a better fit in the room.

You are going to be busy moving, but don't forget us. Really want to see how the room evolves.

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