Connecting lourecent lighting together

bxjonesFebruary 7, 2010

I'm in the process of wiring three 4' fixtures together in my front room for indirect lighting. I want to have a 12" space between them. I was thinking about using BX armored 14-2 cable between them; do I strip off enough of the armored protection so the wire reaches the #16 wires inside the fixture and then connect the next fixture in the same manner, wire nut hem all together?

I will have some empty BX cable sheeting if I use this process so can I reuse the sheeting and pull new wire through to do the other fixtures?


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Ron Natalie

Well, if you use the appropriate bushing/fitting at the end of the armor, yes.

You can NOT make up your old cable by pulling new conductors into armor you stripped off other cable.

Unless you're some place that requires it specifically, there's no reason to use armored cable here. NM would work fine.

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If you are mounting the fixtures parallel to your ceiling joists you could try to fish a NM cable up inside your ceilings drywall from fixture to fixture.

It's tough to do if you have not tried this before but it would look much cleaner than having bx run across the face of your ceiling,especially in your front room.
Just another thought.

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