Mosaic clawfoot tub?

gardenitisAugust 18, 2010

I am a first time poster on this forum, but a long time lurker and learner.

I have an old cast iron clawfoot bath tub. I was hoping to mosaic around the outside of it and use it as a feature planting bed in my garden. It would have to stay out in the elements during our Canadian winter (temps dip to about -20 degrees celcius with lots of freezing/thawing cycles).

So my question is - Is this do-able? Would I have to use special tiles, adhesive, grout, etc? Any special preparation to the surface before tiling?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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IMO, it is VERY doable. If I were doing this project, I'd give the tub a thorough cleaning/sanding, then I'd use thinset w/a polymer admixture for the adhesive. In some climates porcelain is suggested for your purposes. Check w/your local tile store. If I were in your place, I'd use the thinset also for grout. Be sure and post pictures of your WIPs.

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YES! Very doable! I go to a tile store(specialty, not Home depot) and get some outdoor> mortar, sealer, grout, maybe ask them if they think if diamond lath would help build up the base? And I would use porceline, slate, rock, glass, as I have been here on Vancouver Island BC, and have found thru trial and error, that these are the precautions I use now for long term success with our weather.

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Thanks so much for your thoughts Calamity and Slowmedown...I'm going to hunt down the materials and start it this spring. I'll post photos when I get going.

Again, I really appreciate your advice!

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