electrical shock

vest1951February 1, 2012

I'm in Michigan and every time I touch my water line in the basement I get a little buzz shock. What is going on ????

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This is dangerous. Call your electrical utility. They will probably direct you to turn off your main breaker and call an electrician.

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Just call an electrician.

The POCO is not likely to do anything until the interior wiring has at least been examined by an electrician.

It could be anything from a problem in your wiring to stray current from the POCO or someone else's defective wiring.

An experienced electrician should be able to isolate a likely source pretty quickly.

Simply turning off your power and seeing if any voltage or current remains would a the first step, or making sure that both sides of your service are at 120 V to neutral (check at any 240 V receptacle).

Keep in mind that turning off you main breaker is going to kill any heating system that requires power.

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New carpet?
New shoes?
Happens only in winter?

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does it happen every time..
as in you move to touch and it happens? what about if now, you don't move does to still happen?
if both are yes, are to comfy dealing/qualified troubleshooting AC electrical problems? no--CALL SOMEONE!!
yes..dig out your meter and start measuring..
what did you find?


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