Wine Platter & Glass

becky_iaAugust 5, 2008

Well, I finished my platter & wine glass just in time. (Wine club meets tomorrow night at my house.) These will be the door prizes.

I do wish I would have had a bit more time to work on this. (I don't know why I wait till the last minute to do things!) I did a rush job and it shows.

I should have worked with the grout a little more and taken the time to clean around the 1/2 marbles better. When I grouted, the grout was a bit on the wet side, so it didn't want to stick on the ceramic platter. So I just smooshed it in place. Then the little black trendils came loose so I filled in with grout in the space where they were.

But it is what it is and I hope the recipient will at least like it!

I recently joined a wine club and they take turns hosting. I invited everyone to come for "Wine in the Garden" this Wednesday night and thought it would be a natural to have some type of mosaic for the door prize. When at a little wine shop, I found the small plaque that I used for the middle. Since we all sit around a big table and sample different wines, I thought this would be really fun to somehow use. Our hardware store had their summer clearance a couple of weeks ago. They had these beautiful ceramic turkey platters originally priced at $34 marked down to $2! I bought six of them! The wine glass was $.98!

I think they turned out to be pretty nice door prizes. It is something that I would like to receive. Don't you think?


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oh I love it! I was just thinking about this wondering if you had it finished too. This is going to be an amazing door prize , I think the winner will be really happy to win this! I know I would, It's perfect for a cheese platter or something like that and the wine glass is really goes with it. I cant really see the grapes though, are they mosaiced on?

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I love the quote! Great job and someone will LOVE those!

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I love it,it will be a big hit!!!

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WOW - what a beautiful gift someone is to get. Very pretty, and you're very generous.

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wow, that is really nice , love the colors, someone will be thrilled, i know i would.

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Becky you did a fine job. They look very chic. I'm sure the winner of these will be thrilled. Please don't sell yourself short.


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Wow Becky, Can't wait to hear what your prize winner says of t his very generous thoughtful gift. Love the saying too and it really is nice, you're just too hard on yourself, as I think most of us our.

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Love this! Gotta do a wine do I find one? LOL!
Beautiful job! What a great prize! Too cool!

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I love this. I think you did a great job on it. Someone is gonna be tickled.

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Good morning everyone,

Just a quick report on last evening. The wine club gathering was wonderful! It was truly a fun evening (until the rains came!) But even that didn't dampen the enthusiasm. We played a wine trivia game and the platter went to the one who got the most questions right & the wine glass went to the one who got the least right. It was really fun! Everyone was really impressed with the gifts and one lady asked if she could order a set of 12! I was so busy that I forgot to get a picture of the winners!

The wine club is just a group of ladies that get together once a month at someone's house. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and an hor d'oeuvre and we sit around a table and have fun! Very informal. It was at my home last night and we toured the gardens first. I think everyone had a good time. Now I get to keep all the wine bottles & there were some really nifty looking bottles! What will I make?


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You did tell the lady "of course" to the order right?
Great work and for such a fun event, doesn't get much better than that!

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Here is a picture of all the wine bottles from the evening. I must come up with some ideas on ways to utilize the bottles...I got it...Christmas gifts.... drill a hole in the back and fill with mini lights and give back to each member the one they brought?


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Cool bottles and that's a great idea for what to do with them! Do you have a favorite place that you get your mini lights from? I'm looking for a good source. Thanks!

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Looks like y'all had a great party. Such a nice idea for gifts back. I just outlined a small flowerbed in my back garden w/beer bottles. Dug a hole about half as deep as the bottle, and stuck the neck down inside. Needless to say, my DD doesn't like it, but I do.

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Lots of bottles there!
That sounds like a good idea Slow, with the sun on them I bet it is a nice highlight.

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