Bristol windows

gtsteveMay 19, 2008

I'm looking for anyone else that has experienced these windows. We had 3 put in 5 years ago. Not a single problem, and they look and work like they did when first installed. If I recall correctly, they're built by winchester. I recently put a 300 watt halogen work lamp outside the window to see if any heat could be felt from it on the inside after 5 years. Not a bit. They're great windows, but pricey. I'm curious to find out from some of the northern climate folks out there if the premium price is worth it. We reside outside Buffalo, yes lots of snow at times. I've been reading alot on this sight about Pella nightmares. Like anything, having them installed correctly is the key. Do you get what you pay for with windows, or can you save a few hundred bucks in trying economic times and still get close to the quality of waht you're used to. I can save almost a grand, is it worth it?

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Well gtsteve, you already own the Bristols' for a number of years and they are still holding up well. I'd stay with Winchester's Bristol window. I can remember installing them 10 or 15 years ago in Northern New Jersey. And then they were a great window! Expensive too, but if you want something thats gonna last?
I'm just an old window installer and remember them well, especially how heavy they were to carry in.
And remember, you only want to do this once, right? So you'll have to pay more now, but you'll save in the long run.

Good Luck,

the PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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I too am considering Bristol windows after hearing good things about them. I want to replace my north facing windows with them perhaps. Did you go with the Bristol? If so do they hold up against the north winds? Anyone else have any experience with them I'd be interested to hear.

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I had a sales rep for Bristol windows in my house last night to put a quote together for me. The product looks good, but the guy was a little obnoxious and it only got worse when I told him I needed to think about it for a few days. It could be that I don't have enough exposure to replacement window costs, but I was quoted $30K for 18 windows and I almost died. Is this really an accurate quote and if so, is it really worth it?

I also wasn't impressed that he refused to leave me the quote information.

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$30K for 18 windows is totally outrageous as was the salesmans attitude.

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WE were quoted 32K for 25 windows and 2 doors. WE also are trying to decide what to do here because we have an old home that requires lots of work and dont want to spend all of our money one thing, but we also want to do things the right way and plan to stay in this house for at least another 10 years so we dont want to have to replace the windows AGAIN b/c we went with cheap windows. Are Bristols windows worth the price or are they over priced. We asked our general contractor who does not use Bristol windows and he said that it is not worth it to put such high end windows in such an old this a valid point?

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The prices people are being quoted for Bristol Windows are ridiculous. You can purchase a high end vinyl window with double pane glass, LoE/argon for less than $700 installed. You may find a quality triple pane for under $700. I'd look at Simonton, Gorell, Okna, Softlite, Amerimax, Plygem and Milgard just to name a few.

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In a word....Pathetic!

Look, no one on here believes you and you are doing nothing but hurting your somewhat suspect reputation by posting up these pathetic "facts".

News Flash Tom...putting something on the web does not make it factual. A link to a marketing video and some charts that list your triple pane windows U-Factor and comparing it to every other manufacturer's double pane is really woeful.

I hope that this is actually not Tom Bristol because I would be very suspect of a company with a CEO that is trying to mislead people and so shamelessly hocking his goods.

Not doing a very good job of it either.

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It's a made up name. Winchester Industries makes a line of windows called Bristol. I am forwarding Toms post to the CEO of Winchester and also to the owner of Tom's company. I don't think they are going to be too pleased with Tom for misleading people as it reflects poorly on their companys' reputation.

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I have to put in a plug for Bristol windows. We replaced some of our windows with Marvin. Then we heard about Bristol from someone who had them. The price was not much more for the 2 windows we replaced than it had been for the Marvin windows we replaced the year earlier. I can't tell you how much better the Bristol windows keep out the drafts. There is clearly several degrees difference in temperature of the glass in cold and hot weather compared to the Marvin. This is year 2 with these windows and our air condition and heating bills both have dropped by 30%. I can't confirm all of the information with certainty from tombristol, but it sounds pretty much exactly what we were told by our salesman. I regret now not having used Bristol for all our windows. I doubt if Winchester was bothered by tombristol's speil. It really isn't so far off the beaten track, if at all.

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I know some of these post are old, but I would like to add my experience I had last night with my Bristol salesman.We where looking to replace 12 vinyl windows that are over 20 years old. He gave us a 2 hour demo of the different windows and companies.He could have left out all of that because what it comes down to is....what are you selling me and at what cost.Well after 2hours he scribbles some numbers down and when I saw his price of 20,000 (abt 1700ea)I just about laughed and told him sorry we are not spending that on windows (I would rather take a trip or two for that price).So then as a good salesman does he writes down some more numbers and financing...still we said no, so out comes the phone to call his boss to tell him. I am not sure if he was even talking to anyone, because he made a point to project his voice to make sure I heard (I had stepped out of the room).In the end I liked the windows, but not at that price.

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lmao, it really is stupid the way they try and coerce people into buying the product. If the product is good(in this case maybe maybe not) the product and service should be enough to sell the job. Not the Tinman antics these companies try and use.

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Ever been to a Townecraft Cookware demo. Same classic high pressure in-home sales techniques. Look down your nose at everyone else's product. Claim your product is "far" superior. Insist the husband and wife both be there for the "presentation." Gather as much personal info as possible through "chit-chat." Act shocked when people don't jump at your offer. "I don't understand why anyone with half a brian wouldn't jump at this great opportunity." Nuff said.

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We had 8 Bristol windows put in last summer. So far we are happy with them. Almost. Salesman was very pushy to have us sign. Price started out at $1500 we got it down to $800 not bad. Then the nightmare started. There so called factory trained installers Rescom Exteriors, Inc. 714A Southbridge St.Auburn MA. did the best butcher hack job you ever seen. Broke inside window frame,used two different color caulk on the same window. Outside caping never met the house, you could see the old wood window forgot to caulk one window. I called Rescom to complain and all they would do is add more caulk. Not happy. Now comes winter you can not see out the window because of the condensation between the windows and was told have to have to wait for the sun to dry it. Bristol says this is normal. I do not think so. What do we do now, replace $800 windows one year later. We are doing 8 more but not with Bristol. Just sat down today with Castle windows $600 each life of house warranty. Caulk falls off on the outside they fix it free .Brake a screen or glass or anything they fix it free. Castle Windows working for me.

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If you are comfortable with Castle, I'd ask if they would be willing to re-install the Bristol Windows. It's likely the condensation is being caused in part by air infiltration.

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Interesting. I just got a call from a guy at Ameritech windows, pushing Bristol. Price never came up, just 50-yr transferable warranty, factory-trained installers, etc etc.

We made an appointment for Monday at 4 pm. He asked when my husband would be home. I said around 6 pm, but it didn't matter, because our deal is that I do all the shopping, researching, dealing with salespeople, etc, and my husband pays for it. He won't listen to spiels. And the Ameritech/Bristol guy says, "Then I can't send a rep out." I told him that it was nice talking to him and hung up.

Very scary--obviously it was going to be a high-pressure, sign the contract NOW deal...and I do not react well to those.

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Yes, you are correct. That's exactly what it was going to be.

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Dodged a bullet :-) I LOATHE those tactics. I tend to dig my heels in and become completely obdurate. For such an expensive purchase (34 windows, most rather large), I want to get the best windows at the best value, somewhere around a 6 or possibly 7 on a scale of ten. House is basically a very large tract house, so top-of-the-line would be foolish IMO. And we are not planning on selling since I finally have my glorious dream kitchen. Playing tag with a Pella guy who is the client of a friend. Mmmm. Not thrilled with what I've read here or on Ripoff Report. He says he gets them wholesale and the usual mark-up is 300%. Really?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Dodged a bullet is right.

Couple that with the fact that it is a very average window and you really dodged 2 bullets.

Don't relegate yourself to a quality but rather research and get all the facts about window replacements and what make a good window. Careful shopping may get you an excellent window (i.e. 9 or 10 out of 10) for a middle of the road price.

Price does not = quality in the window replacement world. Often times, companies charge a premium for crap so $$$$ is in no way shape or form the measure of quality.

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Windowsonwashington, thank you. I LOVE these forums! I lurked on the Kitchen and Appliances forums for years, then finally got to remodel my own kitchen. Now it is time for windows. So, Bristol is out of the running. Back to the forum :-)

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Here are a couple of other really good forums as well that tend to get a bit more traffic for windows specifically.

Between those two and the should be on research overload

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Thank you! I am waiting for the guy from Lasting Impressions windows. Have the Wincore guy coming Wednesday. I have been on the first forum, as a lurker, very informative. Will go back and look at second one since window guy is late.

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He's going to give me quotes for Verde and Quantum. But instead of emailing it, he's coming back. Uh. I really prefer email :-(

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