Okna vs. Alside

yung-nycMay 2, 2009

I have had two contracting companies provide me with quotes for replacement vinyl windows - about 18 needed in total with most being DH windows, 3 sets of sliders and two 3-lite casements. One contractor uses the Okna Insul-Tech series windows. I think its the Okna 500 series but am not quite sure and will have to clarify with the contractor. The other contractor uses the Alside 8000 series windows which they say are specifically made for them. From what I have read, the 8000 series is only made for certain Alside dealers and is maybe one step above the Alside Sheffield line and one step below the Alside Preservation series. According to each contractor, both would qualify for the tax credit under the stimulus plan. Is the Okna Insul-Tec or Alside 8000 series window better?

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No question that the Okna is the better window.

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Thanks for your quick replies. What makes the Okna a better window? Is it the construction and seal? The U-factor seems to be lower on the Alside 8000, 0.24 vs. 0.28 for the Okna from what I remember.

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Were you showned the Okna-starmark series? If not, tell the dealer to show you that one.

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The Insul-Tec 500 deluxe is a 0.25 U-Factor in a double pane.

Only way that Alside is getting a 0.24 in that window is probably triple pane.

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The contractor only priced the Insul-Tec for me which is 0.28 U-Factor. I know the Insul-Tec deluxe is 0.25 U-Factor, but don't know how much more that costs.

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The dealer was not specific. They just mentioned the Okna Insul-Tec. When I asked which series, the dealer mentioned they thought it was the 500 series but was not specific in their quote. When I look at the Okna Windows website, there is no 250. The only ones listed are the 400, 500, 505, 600 (casement), 650 (awning) and 800 series.

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We decided to go with the Insul-Tec deluxe with Low-E/Argon which has a U-factor of 0.25 and SGHC of 0.30. The Okna 500 series also has a VT of 0.55 and Condensation Resistance rating of 62 according to NFRC. We were quoted $11K for 18 windows in total installed for work to be done in the NYC Metro area: 12 DH (7 - 30"W x 49"H, 1 - 30"W x 41"H, 1 - 27"W x 37"H, 1 - 24"W x 36"H, 1 - 23" x 36"H, 1 - 41"W x 49"H), 4 Double Sliders ( 1- 36"W x 35"H in the kitchen, 3 - 64"W x 62"H in the family room), 2 - 68"W x 50"H 3-lite Casements (all vent). Did we get a good deal or did we overpay?

We originally thought about getting a 2-lite casement instead of a double slider ( 36"W x 35"H) in the kitchen which is what we have now, but the salesman convinced us that it would not look that great since the frames in the middle would meet in the casement and create a thick middle. While I could see what he was saying, I don't know if he was just saying it because he didn't want to give us the two lite casement for the same price or what. He did offer as an alternative an awning window or 1-lite casement for the kitchen window at the same price as the double slider.

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Pricing sounds reasonable. I agree with the salesman regarding a double casement in that small of an opening. I normally would recommend a single casement, double hung or an awning window. I'm sure you will be very pleased with the Okna windows.

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yung-nyc, I am also in the nyc metro area and need new windows. Am trying to find installers for the OKNA windows and am curious how you feel aout them a year later. I hope you see this as I couldn't find an email address for you. Thanks!

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