Custom Milgard windows

bill341May 20, 2009

I wanted to get some advice.

I am trying to find a vendor/contractor to get some Milgard (Tuscany series) windows for my house. However we are on a busy road so I wanted to get upgraded glass panes for better sound deadening. I have asked 3 different companies to quote me windows with different thickness of glass panes, such as 3/16ths and 1/8th. However all three tried to sell me something else like fiberglass or triple pane, and never gave me a quote on what I wanted. I had to literally kick one guy out of my house because he was trying to get me to sign a contract, and would not listen to what I was asking him. It seemed like I knew more about the windows then he did.

I confirmed with Milgard that what I am asking is possible. So why are all the contractors steering me away from what I asked for? Is it that difficult to do, or are the people I am working with just lazy? Anyone else know of windows that are easier to get custom made with upgraded glass?

Thanks for any help.

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there is no charge to "upgrade" to 1/8" on the milgard tuscany. If the window is 5ft or over it's standard- if it's not standard- then tell your salesman that is what you want- and do not let them try to charge you.

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The upgrade to 1/8" thickness is more expensvie to Milgard dealer. It isn't that much. Dealers want to make sales so they just say its no charge even though there is. Some Milgard dealers don't even know single strength glass is standard on their window lines.

Why dealers are steering you away from it is that the 3/16 upgrade is expensive.

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