cpvc and grounding

windslamJanuary 16, 2010

I'm about to replace all the copper water pipes in my home with CPVC. I noticed some copper wires clamped to the copper tubing. If I replaced the copper tubing with CPVC, what should I do about the wires clamped to the copper? I have a well system if that makes any difference.

It's an older home I just bought and too late for any water softening, the copper has already sprung leaks, mostly in joints and is pretty etched up.


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Where are the connections made and where do they go?

What pipe is feeding the house from the well?

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The should only be one connection tot he water pipes. That should be pipe enters the house if it is metal.

All those connections need to be connected to the main ground rod at the panel.

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Thanks for the replies gents!!!

The water supply coming into the house from the well is the heavy black plastic. It connects to a check valve that then goes into the plastic manifold that connects to the pressure tank. A heavy gauge bare copper wire is clamped to the existing 3/4 inch copper pipe that comes from the pressure tank plastic manifold and runs up and then along the sill plate for about 20 feet and then goes outside near where the electric meter is mounted. There is a ground rod outside and it appears this heavy copper wire is connected to that.

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The wire connected to the old pipes going back to the service equipment will not longer bee needed as this was simply a water pipe bond. With plastic this is now useless.

Just disconncet it and move it to a safe place. Better yet remove it all.

There should have been and should not be ANY other grounding connections to any other water pipes in the house.

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You are correct, there are no other grounding connections anywhere else on any of the pipes. Thank you much for the info!!! I do appreciate it.

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