Window Replacement in Northern VA

Niki FriedmanMay 31, 2009

We are looking to have some of our 30 yr old windows replaced. Any recommendations?


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First you need to decide whether you want wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or a composite.

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Don't know if I'm too late to be of any use -- we live in NVa, and used Hodges (Falls Church) for a replacement French door ten years ago. They have been absolutely terrific on all aspects of the process: informative, no-pressure sale, great handling of a mix-up in the order (door came unprimed when it had been ordered primed; they primed it onsite for a faster install rather than wait for a replacement, having asked which option I preferred), and great ongoing service -- they have come out twice to fix the screens and double-check the locking mechanism, always for free and never asking to see the original receipt or anything. I highly recommend them. (and no, I'm not in any way affiliated with them, I just think they're a really good, old-fashioned-service firm) But they don't carry all brands, so if you know you want Marvins, for example, I think you'd have to go elsewhere.

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So, they ordered the door incorrectly, have had to come out twice to fix the screens and also the locking mechanism and you highly recommend them?

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I don't like to encourage Sky's sometimes acerbic sense of humor but that is pretty funny.

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Made me smile, too -- but in explanation: they showed me the order and it was correct; it was Norco that messed up (and they admitted it) on the original order. The screens were pushed out of their rim twice in ten years by my son, once as a toddler and once at age 4 when he was "testing" (putting all his weight on) them. The lock needed to be tweaked once, a fifteen-minute job. Maybe I'm too forgiving, but those seemed like reasonable things to go "wrong," and I thought the local company handled the issues promptly and well. That gets a recommendation from me. (At least I gave full disclosure of what constituted good service in my opinion, right? Viennamommy is free to disagree and cross them off her list...)

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Heh, heh... Hodges has a pretty good reputation and they have been around for a long time. I would have no problem recommending them either.

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