replacements in NoCal - need local manufacture?

movingMay 27, 2014

We're starting the bid process for replacing our 1965 aluminum and wood frame windows and sliders. One rep warned me not to go with one brand because they made them in Reno and the transport over the Sierras causes the windows to depressurize. Do I need to locate windows made in CA? If so, which brands should I focus on? Looks like Anlin (?) manufactures in CA as does Milgard, is there a list somewhere to help? or is this sales rep hooey?

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Your rep is playing on some serious fear mongering there. I think "hooey" sums it up.

Anything over the Rockies will require capillary breathers to make sure the pressures are equalized and do not pop the seals though.

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You don't need windows made in CA but if you want vinyl made locally Simonton is made in Vacaville. Milgard has a few factories around the state as well. There's some other random ones but mostly made in southern california.

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Thanks for the sanity (erh, hooey) check :)

We'll get bids regardless of location of manufacturer and make decisions based on some other hooey.

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